Matthew Vaughn and his MARV Films company have acquired the rights to Tonya Hurley's young adult novel series Ghostgirl. The project doesn't have a writer or director attached at this time, but Matthew Vaughn will produce the adaptation alongside Valerie Van Galder. The story centers on a young girl named Charlotte Usher, who feels invisible to those around her before she dies after choking on a gummy bear. The book follows her through the afterlife as she refuses to let go of her high school crush, who is still alive.

The books are all New York Times best sellers, with the first novel translated into over 20 different languages and published in more than 30 countries. The series is especially popular in Latin America, where over 1 million copies have been sold, and are second in popularity to only the Twilight books. Here's what producer Valerie Van Galder had to say about bringing this story to the big screen.

"Five years ago I spotted Ghostgirl on a shelf and I was immediately drawn to everything about it. Tonya Hurley and I formed an instant kinship as both relate to outsiders and are immensely grateful we did not peak in high school. Tonya spent those five years telling Charlotte Usher's story in five separate books, building a passionate and dedicated fan base who are now eagerly awaiting this next chapter in Charlotte's afterlife."

No production schedule was given for the adaptation. Matthew Vaughn's next film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, hits theaters on February 15, and his other directorial credits include X-Men: First Class, Stardust and Layer Cake. The filmmaker first worked with Valerie Van Galder on Snatch, which he produced, where she was responsible for bringing it to Sony Pictures. She also served as a consultant on his 2010 directorial effort Kick-Ass. Aside from her novels, Tonya Hurley also created the TV series So Little Time, which starred Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.