Everyone's favorite Tiger King has just received the action figure treatment through some new fan art. G.I. Joe Exotic is the mashup you didn't know you needed. Unfortunately, there's not really an action figure of Mr. Exotic, but there are some t-shirts and art prints that pretty much nail his personality. The Netflix docuseries has been on the minds of a lot of people since it first debuted in March. While some have ignored the docuseries because of the hype, it really is inescapable since there's not a whole lot of anything else to do.

Artist Jim'll Paint It is the person responsible for G.I. Joe Exotic. The art looks just like an old school G.I. Joe action figure packaging from the 1980s, expect instead of a hero, it's a dude with a mullet who mistreated exotic animals and people. The Tiger King has his flamboyant look, complete with mullet and handlebar mustache, along with some fitting accessories that take the whole package to the next level.

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Obviously, G.I. Joe Exotic is going to have to come with a tiger. There was no getting around that fact. There's also a shotgun and a handgun, which he needs for protection from the Carole Baskins of the world. Things start to get a bit more interesting when you take a closer look. There's the Tiger King brand condoms, which were sold at the zoo, next to the "bestselling" underpants. There are no extra pairs of underpants inside this package, but there are some master locks for hanging from Mr. Exotic's genital piercing and then a bag of white drugs for when the time gets slow.

Basically, everything one would need for a proper Tiger King party is included in this amazingly well done art for the Netflix docuseries. Jim'll Paint It really captured the essence of Joe Exotic with his art and he'll more than likely move a few units once word begins to spread. Who knows, maybe someone will actually end up making the action figure to sell, based on this artwork. Maybe all the proceeds could go to different animal rights charities... That's a long shot, but people do have a lot of extra time on their hands at the moment and will have more for the time being.

Tiger King is still getting people streaming on Netflix. The docuseries is entertaining for a lot of people because they can't believe that it's real. For others, they're more taken with the animal cruelty and don't believe Joe Exotic and friends should be given any publicity for their actions. Exotic is currently serving 22 years in prison for a number of cruelty to animal charges and the whole murder-for-hire thing. He has since asked President Donald Trump for a pardon, which The POTUS said he'll consider. While that sounds pretty wild, it's pretty on-brand for 2020 so far. You can head over to Jim'll Paint It's Facebook page to see the art and order prints or t-shirts.