The Good

A light show from the 1960s that is as relevant now as it was then.

The Bad

It would have been nice if Sally Field had done some commentary tracks on a few of these episodes.

I didn't really know what to expect from Gidget: The Complete Series. First of all, I thought this show lasted much longer than 32 episodes but I guess I was wrong. Second, while I have always liked Sally Field, I didn't expect to like her so much on this show. In many ways she predates characters like Raven and Lizzie McGuire as a fun loving girl who for some reason can't stay out of trouble. While I don't know if I like Gidget it's always good to give credit where credit is due.

Whether Gidget thinks a teacher doesn't like her, or she's having man troubles (which she does on a lot of these episodes) or she's trying to meet her favorite band, you can always be sure that no matter what happens, Gidget is always going to find the glass half full.


A Look Back At Gidget

This is an interview with Sally Field in which she talks about how the role of Gidget was her first job, how she got the part, she came from an acting family, etc.. This is actually a rather in-depth piece with Sally Field that even shows us her screen test for the role that launched her career.

Pilot Episode

Aside from a different person singing the opening song to the show, this episode isn't really any different than the others on these four discs. However, for some reason it seems like pilot episodes are just a little off when it comes to the characters timing. It makes sense because the actors haven't had time to find their rhythm yet. Despite this, the show works really well for a first time episode.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. I love the look of these shows. I cannot put into words how sharp and clear the picture is on these DVDs. I was amazed at the way all the colors were brought out on the screen. In fact, it looks at times like the characters are acting in front of paintings. I am not sure how these DVDs were compressed but I think this DVD should win an award for how it looks alone.


Dolby Digital. Remastered in High Definition. Close Captioned. Featuring quick dialogue, the music of the time and the zany feel of the 1960s, the audio gives the shows on these DVDs an almost bubbly feel. Everything seems simple and light and because of this nothing that Gidget does seems like it's ever going to cause too much trouble.


Gidget and her father Russ, Don Porter, grace this front cover. Porter eats an apple while Gidget lays on a surfboard with the beach behind them. Small shots of the cast and crew are splattered on the back cover. There is also a description of the show, a "Special Features" list and some technical specs. All four discs are housed in two slim, plastic cases with Sally Field's picture on one of them and a picture of Don Porter on the other. In packing 32 episodes of this show onto four discs, Sony has done a great job of keeping this digipack packing highly economical.

Final Word

Despite this DVDs lack of supplemental features, I really am excited to own this four disc set. Not only do I love the look of the show but I find the subject matter to be entertaining as well. Sure, times have changed and Gidget: The Complete Series represents sort of a bygone era in this country, but I think that people are fundamentally good and that times really haven't changed too much since then. Even if they have, I think the changes have been mostly positive. Lets not forget that Gidget's father is raising her all by himself. That must've been a novelty for a TV show in those days?

So if you want to see a great blast from the past, then I recommend checking out Gidget: The Complete Series. If nothing else, it is a great piece of TV history.