Sad news for Beverly Hills Cop fans today. One of the franchise's biggest scene stealers has died. Gilbert R. Hill, best known as the salty-tongued police Inspector Douglas Todd, passed away at the age of 84 this past Monday. Cause of death is unknown at this time.

Gil R. Hill is a former Detroit city councilman and one-time mayoral candidate who made appearances in all three previous Beverly Hills Cop movies. He was first introduced to audiences in the original 1984 classic, and return for the 1987 sequel Beverly Hills Cop 2 and 1994's Beverly Hills Cop 3. The politician turned actor died Monday afternoon at Detroit's Sinai Grace Hospital. Spokeswoman Bree Glenn had this to say about the man's passing.

"Gil had been recently hospitalized and was on the road to recovery. We are relieved that his passing was peaceful and painless."

Gil R. Hill started his career with the Detroit Police Department, where he spent 30 years on the force. He was also on the City Council for more than 12 years. In 2001, he made his unsuccessfully run for Mayor, finishing second to then-state Rep. Kwame Kilpatrick in the 2001 Detroit mayoral primary. He then lost a close race to Kilpatrick in the November general election. Current Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan had this to say Monday night in a statement.

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"He never stopped believing in our city and dedicated his life to making our city a better place for all."

At the time Beverly Hills Cop discovered Gilbert R. Hill, he was working as head of the Detroit Police Department's homicide division. In the movie, he plays boss to Eddie Murphy's slick detective /beverly-hills-cop-theme-promo-eddie-murphy-laugh/Axel Foley, with the two characters rarely seeing eye-to-eye, though there is always a mutual, sometimes hidden, deep respect between the two. Police Inspector Todd was killed off early in Beverly Hills Cop 3. He was known for his explosive and very colorful tirades, which were unleashed as soon as Foley broke any type of protocol.

In November 1997, Gil was elected Detroit City Council president, unseating incumbent Maryann Mahaffey. It would be his third four-year term on the council. He was always in support of casino gambling in Detroit, and he helped broker deals for new baseball and football stadiums downtown. As a councilman, Hill supported casino gambling in the city and helped broker deals for new baseball and football stadiums downtown. Funeral service details have not been released.

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