For awhile now, it didn't sound like Melissa McCarthy was going to be able to reprise her role as Sookie St. James in the upcoming Gilmore Girls Revival Event Series. But don't fret, it's all been figured out. The comedian and actress, who stars in this weekend's The Boss, appeared on Ellen to break the news herself. She had this to say.

"It is really exciting. There has been something that I have been asked about so, so many times and it hasn't worked out and...They're making four new movies of the Gilmore Girls, which is a show which was near and dear to my heart for four years and we could not get those schedules to work. And there was a whole thing. And then I was gonna be out of the country and blah, blah, blah. Literally about an hour and half ago, we figured out that I'm gonna go back and do it and I am so excited. And [the movies] are gonna be amazing."
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This certainly is exciting news for all true Gilmore Girls fans. Sookie St. James was definitely a fan favorite. She is an amazing chef and best friend to lead character Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham, who is also returning. She appeared in over 150 episodes of the series when it was originally on the air. When the initial casing announcement was made for the Gilmore Girls Revival Event Series, Melissa McCarthy wasn't anywhere to be found. When asked if she was coming back, the actress tweeted that no one had bothered to ask her to return.

It wasn't because she wasn't wanted back. Show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino simply believed that Melissa McCarthy was far too busy, and that her schedule won't allow her to appear on the revival. Even for a cameo. But over the course of the last couple of months, that all changed. The actress explains.

"Amy Sherman-Palladino is going to squeeze me in to do it and I'm very happy to go back to Stars Hollow. I'm just really excited about that. So it just happened and I got asked a lot about it and as of not even two hours ago - it's happening."

Also returning for the show are series leads Alexis Bledel (Rory), Scott Patterson (Luke) and Kelly Bishop (Emily), Sean Gunn (Kirk) and Keiko Agena (Lane). Production on the four feature length episodes started in February. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino, who served as an executive producer on the original series, will both write and direct the four episodes. These episodes are said to be set in present day, and will unfold over the course of one year, with each episode said to take place over each of the four seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall.

Other returning cast members include Yanic Truesdale, Jared Padalecki, Milo Ventimiglia, Matt Czuchry, Liza Weil. It has also been revealed that Sutton Foster and Mae Whitman will be coming aboard as special guest stars, but no details were given regarding their characters. While we wait for more information, take a look at the new photos below for Netflix's Gilmore Girls that were released yesterday, in case you missed them.

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