The Good

In it's 5th Season, this show proves itself to be really hitting it's stride.

The Bad

I wish Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham were more involved in the bonus features.

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Fifth Season is the one it seems that really show a maturation of the characters. By having Rory (Alexis Bledel) open things up by sleeping with Dean (Jared Padalecki), her married ex-boyfriend, the bar had been raised, the standard set and it was clear that this season was going to be like no other. Trying to deal with what her daughter has done, Lorelai (Lauren Graham) has to face the idea that Rory might be following in her footsteps. The plot doesn't just focus on these events, we see Lorelai get things going with Luke (Scott Patterson) while Rory and Grandma head overseas.

Meanwhile, Rory has to deal with the sophomore slump at Yale, and a new relationship with a guy who seems all wrong for her. However, it is this relationship that ends up illuminating her character with highly unexpected consequences. All in all, Gilmore Girls: The Complete Fifth Season gives viewers a nice dose of reality while throwing in a little bit of a soap opera theme.


Commentary Track

Creator/writer/producer Amy Sherman-Palladino and writer/producer Dan Palladino do the honors here for the episode "You Jump, I Jump, Jack." While I would have enjoyed hearing from the two main cast members, I guess I will take what I can get in regards to what is being offered here. As creators of this show, these two offer unique insights into story elements and character arcs that we otherwise might not know about. They discuss the writing, the way the characters were crafted, the casting, and overall they do a fine job breaking down this episode. I also appreciated the simplicity of everything they are putting across here as well. This is a must for fans of the show.

Who Wants to Talk Gilmore?

Gilmore Girls Turns 100 and Behind the Scenes of the 100th Episode

As both of these featurettes are looking at this show in a retrospective like fashion, I decided to group them together for this review. They examine the milestone of the Gilmore Girls reaching it's 100th episode. We get to see how the show has evolved, as well as how the cast celebrated entering the triple digits with this show. When one considers the amount of work that goes into creating even one episode of TV, to make it all the way to 100 (and keep going) is a very extraordinary and impressive feat.


Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1. This show looks really good on DVD. Considering that it began it's run in 2000 and is still on the air, I would have been surprised if the 22 episodes in this DVD set didn't look good. Things don't seem like they have been overcompressed, and if anything it seems like the images here may have been bumped up from when they originally aired . While I don't know that these discs are ready for the next generation treatment just yet, they are certainly in the running.


English Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround. Subtitled in English, Spanish, and French. The audio on these DVDs was fine. This show moves at a pretty quick pace, so perhaps older audiences might be put off by the banter. When one considers just how much content there is on these discs, it is highly impressive that I didn't hear any audio glitches or other problems that could have effected the DVDs. Warner Bros. seems like they have gone out of their way to make this 6 disc package top notch.


Sadly, almost all the covers of the Gilmore Girls look the same. This one has a purplish/pink background while featuring Lorelai and Rory in the foreground. There are also shots from the Dragonfly Inn. The back cover continues this look and it also offers up shots from this show, a description of what the 5th season contains, a Special Features listing, and system specs. All of the discs are are stored quite nicely in this slipcase packaging. Inside there is more artwork from this show, episode listings, as well as where to find the Special Features. Sadly, everything about this packaging felt unnecessarily bulky.

Final Word

I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed this 5th Season. I can't say that I really knew what to expect, I will say that opening things up with Rory and Lorelai having their relationship put to the test was a good way to go. I completely understand that in today's TV landscape, anything and everything needs to be done to keep viewer interest at a fever pitch. However, I didn't find that Rory's tryst with Dean struck a false note. Afterall, these two had been a relationship and one could see how very easily, if left to their own devices, they could fall back into a familiar groove. That said, I think that Lorelai's character got opened up in unique ways, simply because we see her dealing with her daughter in a completely new one. For the longest time, it seemed like this show should be called The Gilmore Sisters, yet now, we are put into a position the having to see Lorelai actually parent her child.

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Fifth Season is good television, indeed!

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