Another link is building between Smallville and Flash Gordon. According to a post on her official fan site,, Gina Holden (Flash Gordon, Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem) is coming to the town of Smallville.

Although the first season of Flash Gordon is wrapping up, things are not slowing down. Having been offered the lead role in a feature film as well as a guest star role on Smallville, Gina is booked right through until March 2008. Smallville begins shooting January 2nd, and more details on the film will be posted in the new year.

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While her own site may be coy about Holden's role, offers a suggestion. Smallville is currently filming the episode Traveller, which features Patricia Swann, the daughter of Dr. Virgil Swann (who was played by former-Superman Christopher Reeves). The Swann family has been instrumental in informing Clark about his Kryptonian heritage, and it seems likely that the role Holden is playing is that of Patricia.

This will create a new tie between Smallville and Flash Gordon. The first tie comes from Eric Johnson, who plays Flash. He appeared in the early seasons of Smallville as Whitney, Lana Lang's first boyfriend.

Smallville appears on the CW network, with new episodes resuming January 31, 2008. Flash Gordon is currently showing on the Sci-Fi Channel.