The Good

The performances and writing really elevate this show.

The Bad

No extras came with this DVD.

The friendship between 4 women are the subject of many fights, misunderstandings, and a lot of hilarity in Girlfriends: The First Season. This show follows Joan, a lawyer who is looking for love but can't seem to find it. Maya, Joan's assistant and the woman who often says the things Joan is thinking. Lynn, the freebird of the group who often helps the girls put things in perspective, and Toni, the maneater who is always on the lookout for her next sugardaddy. Helping keep the estrogen balanced is the girls friend William who helps them see life with a wholly different perspective.

Opening with the episode titled "Toe Sucking," problems arise when Toni goes on a date with Joan's ex, but what we are treated to is a 101 on the politics of dating. "Never A Bridesmaid" looks at what happens when Joan and Maya decide to plan a wedding together. Compounding all these problems is the fact that said wedding is happening in Joan's house. Lastly, "The Declaration of Lynndependence" sees Toni and Joan trying to convince Lynn that maybe her school days are really behind her.

Filled with a reality and subject matter that few shows have, Girlfriends: The First Season achieves a brand of comedy that a lot of sitcoms lack.


No Extras came with this DVD release.


Full Screen. The quality of this show on DVD is best described as a bit brighter than what you might get on regular TV. The images were really strong and everything presented itself pretty much as we have come to expect from these shows. There aren't any amazing camera angles or other things that are sometimes employed in today's shows, but overall I feel that that's a good thing because all this show has to rely on then is it's storytelling.


Dolby Digital. Close Captioned. The audio on this show was solid which really underscored the writing. These women have their own way of talking, and there is a lot of exposition about it so that we can keep up with the jargon they employ. While I didn't hear anything about the sound that blew me away, it seems that Paramount has done a good job bumping up all the assets on this release.


Joan, Maya, Lynn and Toni are all present and accounted for on this front cover. Above them is a shot of the city, while below them are some images from various episodes. The back cover has another shot of all the girls with their buddy William, a small description of this show, and some technical specs. Paramount has once again packed all four discs into a regular amaray case, and while I was first put off by this storage approach, I now appreciate how economical it is.

Final Word

I had never heard of this show before I asked MovieWeb to let me review it. Now, one might wonder why I would want to review a show titled Girlfriends, but when you consider that I love sitcoms and television in general, I think you will see that I am not totally out of my league. I found Girlfriends: The First Season to be witty, filled with insights, and a gateway of sorts into the world of African American women that I might otherwise not have had.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that one cannot learn everything about a culture from watching a TV show about it. However, I think the reason why this show has been successful and on TV for as long as it has, is because Girlfriends has a universal truth to it that speaks to everybody, as well as the people it is portraying.

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