Arriving in theaters July 2 is the new family sci-fi adventure Earth to Echo from Relativity Media, which follows a trio of young friends whose lives are turned upside down by the arrival of an extraterrestrial. Astro, Reese C. Hartwig and Teo Halm star as Tuck, Munch and Alex, three lifelong pals who begin receiving bizarre signals on their cell phones, which leads to their discovery of an alien they call Echo. They team up with another friend Emma (Ella Wahlestedt) to find out why Echo is here, and help him to get back home before it's too late.

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In Relativity's PG summer family adventure movie Earth to Echo, Tuck, Munch and Alex are a trio of inseparable friends whose lives are about to change. Their neighborhood is being destroyed by a highway construction project that is forcing their families to move away. But just two days before they must part ways, the boys begin receiving a strange series of signals on their phones. Convinced something bigger is going on, they team up with another school friend, Emma, and set out to look for the source of their phone signals. What they discover is something beyond their wildest imaginations: a small alien who has become stranded on Earth. In need of their help, the four friends come together to protect the alien and help him find his way home. This journey, full of wonder and adventure, is their story, and their secret.