Gladiator 2:E! Online has picked up rumblings about a potential story for the sequel to the epic Gladiator.

A Chip off the Old Maximus: Gladiator 2, anyone? Word has it that the sequel to the Oscar-winning Roman Wrestlemania flick will pick up the story 20 years after the heroic death of Maximus (Russell Crowe). Director Ridley Scott will focus not on Crowe but on the current life of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and her son, Commodus' nephew Cassius (David Hemmings). Perhaps (I say perhaps), Cassius has decided to become a gladiator himself. There is talk the young man's career may be guided by the ever-present black Guy Friday, Djimon Hounsou, reprising his Gladiator role.

Will audiences really turn out for "seconds" without the star-power of Russel Crowe to light the way?