With Bruce Willis (David Dunn), Samuel L. Jackson (Elijah Price/Mr. Glass), James McAvoy (Kevin Wendell Crumb) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Casey Cooke) all set to reprise their roles for M. Night Shyamalan's Glass, the director has found his first new cast member. The director took to social media today to announce that Sarah Paulson has joined the cast, although it still isn't ultimately clear what role the actress will play. Here's what the director had to say in a brief statement on social media this morning.

"Incredibly fortunate to round out our iconic cast of actors on #Glass... @MsSarahPaulson will be joining us. #powerhouse"
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Sarah Paulson herself responded to the director's announcement on Twitter by stating that she is, "Humbled and SO damn excited!!!!" This comes exactly after the writer-director revealed on Twitter that he has finished the fifth pass of the Split 2 script, adding that he was "writing like a maniac 24/7" and that he "loves these characters," which he hopes will come across on the big screen when this sequel hits theaters on January 18, 2019. As for Sarah Paulson's actual character, it hasn't been revealed what her connection may or may not be to any of these existing characters in M. Night Shyamalan's universe.

Fans who saw Split earlier this year were treated to quite the surprise, with a post-credit scene that reveals this movie is set in the same universe as his iconic 2000 thriller Unbreakable, with a post-credit cameo from Bruce Willis as David Dunn. After Split hit theaters, M. Night Shyamalan confirmed that his next film will be a sequel to both Unbreakable and Split, entitled Glass, with the director offering several script updates on social media throughout the year. Now it seems that his script is ready enough to start the casting process, with Sarah Paulson now joining the cast.

M. Night Shyamalan admits that he did have other Unbreakable Easter Eggs planted throughout the movie at one point, but added that he took them out because they began to "take over" the movie. He also added there was a much different version of the post-credit scene, which featured comic book imagery of The Beast and David Dunn and Elijah Price all mixing together, which he thought was a "home run" at first, but realized it didn't work after he put it in the movie, and promptly removed it. With casting now under way, hopefully the filmmaker will start releasing some story details as well.

Universal set a Split 2 release date for January 18, 2019 back in April, which puts the movie up against 20th Century Fox's Pigeon Impossible and Open Road Films' Playmobil. It isn't known when production may begin, but it has been mentioned that this movie will have a considerably higher budget than the $9 million Split was produced with. Sarah Paulson is best known for her various roles in FX's American Horror Story anthology series, and for her critically-acclaimed turn as Marcia Clark on FX's The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. On the big screen, she will next be seen in the all-female Ocean's Eleven spin-off Ocean's Eight and The Papers, where she stars alongside Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep for director Steven Spielberg. Take a look at M. Night Shyamalan and Sarah Paulson's tweets regarding Glass below.