Last week, Glass director M. Night Shyamalan announced production had wrapped on this sequel, which combines the worlds of his 2000 hit thriller Unbreakable and this year's low-budget hit Split. While the director didn't elaborate much on the production wrap, a new report has surfaced which revealed that the director actually wrapped at a familiar location, the same comic book shop he used in Unbreakable. Bill Fink, the owner of Ontario St. Comics in the Port Richmond area of Philadelphia, confirmed that director M. Night Shyamalan returned to the comic book shop for the last day of filming. Here's what Bill Fink had to say in a new interview.

"Since we were part of the original movie, Unbreakable, when Samuel L. Jackson was here knocking comics off a rack from his wheelchair, I guess we were a natural choice since it's a combined sequel between Unbreakable and Split. I guess they wanted to come back to some things from Unbreakable and pay homage or add a blast from the past to combine the two movies."

The report reveals that director M. Night Shyamalan, who started production on Glass back in early October, commemorated the picture wrap by using a fake hammer to smash the glass of one of the comic shop's display cases, and while there was a fake sound of glass breaking, the actual display case was "unbreakable." The last day of production started around 10 AM and wrapped around 10 PM on December 4, although the last day was originally slated to be November 30. However, after production took longer than expected in Allentown and Philadelphia, the comic shop scenes were ultimately pushed to be the last scene on the last day of filming. Here's what Bill Fink had to say about getting that unique distinction.

""We were supposed to be first, but then, due to scheduling conflicts, they moved us to last. So, we were the very last scene, on the very last day of shooting. Since the movie is called Glass, I gave (the hammer) to M. Night at the end and had him tap it on one of our glass cases and he said, 'Glass' is a wrap.' You know, it's kind of neat. There were hugs and high fives from the cast and crew, handshakes. It was really neat that we were the last scene."

Fink also revealed that a few minor changes to the store had to be made, including the removal of a large banner for the original Unbreakable movie and a cardboard cutout of another Samuel L. Jackson character, Nick Fury from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. They also had to clean up the inflatable Spider-Man that was seen in Unbreakable, and Bill Fink revealed that he still had the copy of the fake comic book The Adventures of Sentryman, which Samuel L. Jackson's Elijah Price is seen holding up in the comic shop scene from Unbreakable. Fink would not disclose what was actually filmed in his shop, due to agreements he had to sign for the production, but he did tease that, "there was at least one well-known actor or actress here." You can visit Star News Philly for their full report on the final day of shooting on Glass at the Ontario St. Comics shop in Philadelphia.