Glass, which is set to arrive in theaters January 2019, serves as a sequel to both Unbreakable and Split. M. Night Shyamalan is finally revisiting the world he created back in 2001. But will this world end with a trilogy, or is there more to these characters and this universe coming our way in the future? If James McAvoy gets his way, then future installments will happen. However, Shyamalan feels a bit differently about the whole thing.

Given the success of Split last year, which wound up being a surprise sequel to Unbreakable, that has made Glass easily one of the most highly-anticipated movies heading our way next year. Hollywood is very obsessed with franchises at the moment and, even though we haven't yet seen the trailer for Glass (which is likely to drop online next weekend during San Diego Comic-Con), the question of the franchise's future is already being addressed. James McAvoy, who plays Kevin Wendell Crumb, aka The Beast, had this to say in a recent interview.

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"I can't speak for Night... I would like there to be more. I think there's definitely the potential for more in terms of the roles that he's created and the rationalization for what a superhero or villain is. There's definitely room for more. But in terms of whether he would feel as fresh, I don't know."

James McAvoy seems more than happy to keep exploring the multiple personalities of his character in this universe, but it all comes down to M. Night Shyamalan. This is his baby and it lives or dies with him. When presented the same question about continuing beyond Glass, the director had a much less eager answer. Here's what he had to say.

"How about I avoid that question altogether? There's no good answer to it. I mean, look, I have two new ideas for movies, so I want to write those. Glass is the only movie I've ever done that's related to another movie I've ever done. So, it's not a habit of mine. I like making up new things, and trying new colors, so that's probably the best answer. Where my sweet spot is, is thinking of a new kind of story each time and trying to make it as best I can, and seeing if it connects with the audience at that time."

While he may not want to revisit this universe beyond Glass, assuming this movie turns out as good as we hope, the future is still bright. M. Night Shyamalan made a string of awful movies and, starting with his Blumhouse horror movie The Visit, he's been back on the right track. Hopefully, that means we'll get more good movies from him in the future. Whether or not they take place in the Unbreakable universe remains to be seen. Though, based on his response, the odds aren't great on that one. This news comes to us courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.