Charlie Baker (Tom Bosley) is a sweet man who has an incredible relationship with his granddaughter Casey (Jordy Benattar). Unfortunately, Charlie has a bad heart and decides to use the time he has left imparting some of his long-earned wisdom on Casey as well as her father. Casey and Charlie are so close, she even hangs a kind of intercom between her bedroom and his, which is across the yard.

When Casey witnesses her grandfather have a heart attack, she begins to realize what life will be like when her grandfather is no longer around. Her father has less to do with Casey than Charlie does. After the death of his wife, he shut down and left a lot of the child-rearing to Charlie. Now, Charlie must give his granddaughter the strength to go on after he dies, and he also must help his son learn how to become a good parent to the little girl. Charlie brings them together; unfortunately, he has to get sick to do it.

This heartfelt story is filled with fun moments as grandfather and granddaughter spend their final days together. Jordy Benattar may be young, but she has a ton of talent. She's definitely someone to keep your eye on in the years to come.

Charlie and Me premiers Saturday January 5 at 9 P.M. on Hallmark Channel.