The only thing more frightening than running into Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series of films might be taking over the role - but that's just what Derek Mears has done for the newest Friday the 13th. Mears was recently visited by who discuss what Mears is like on set, and even get a chance to examine the famous hockey mask.

Mears is described as appearing at first as a large man, but not mammoth - at least until one gets close. Once up close, this is the scene that was described:

He towered over me with his prosthetic neckpiece covering only what the mask would reveal. What was once his right eye was now a bulging shiny pus-bubble just begging to be popped by one of his desperate victims. His spine was crooked, one shoulder sat higher than the other, and I got a taste of what his swagger might look like. A machete holster strapped on his left thigh held a considerable weapon, which Mears assured us was "the dull one."