This February, Henry Selick will release his 3D stop-motion masterpiece Coraline, which is an adaptation of Neil Gammon's beloved children's novel. Now, for the first time, you can fully immerse yourself in this exciting, strange new world with six all-new behind the scenes featurettes. To watch the videos, click on the clips below:

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In addition, Focus Features recently launched the official website for their upcoming 3D stop-motion animated film Coraline. Check out Coraline's bedroom, catch a show at the Mouse Circus, and be sure to head over to the Other Mother's Workshop to upload your picture to see what you look like in Coraline's world. If you click around and explore, you'll uncover hidden behind-the scenes videos and find a lot of fun goodies to download. Visit the official site here: Coraline

Coraline opens in theaters across the country on February 6th, 2009.