This new documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of the Nixon White House with photos, film, interviews with close associates of the President, and yes, tapes recorded by the President. Some of the audio has never been heard before and provides a new look at the 37th President of the United States.

Henry Kissinger said, "Like characters out of Shakespeare, he had flaws in his personality that made him destroy his own achievement." This new documentary shows the deep hatred, paranoia, and grudges this man held through the years.

Viewers might be surprised at what is revealed. Robert Dole comments, "I doubt that Nixon could be nominated today in the Republican Party. He'd be perceived as too liberal, too moderate." With an aggressive war on cancer, the creation of the EPA, attempts to reform welfare and more, Nixon set an aggressive national agenda. The Vietnam War was part of his downfall. What ultimately took him down was his ego. With the release of the Pentagon Papers and through the entire Watergate scandal, Nixon still felt he could survive. But in the end he realized he could no longer stay in office and his resignation will go down in history.

No matter what your feelings are about Richard Nixon, this is an interesting film to watch. It fills in a piece of history and rounds out the image of the man. It is important for those who were not alive at the time to watch in order to learn what happened to the man and the Presidency, and for those who lived through it, it provides a grounded look at the man and the times. Listening to the words spoken by him is a bit chilling as it is evident how paranoid he was and how his ego overwhelmed him. As some of his friends comment, he would have been better off as a professor or head of a university than as a President. But he was a President. And he was a big part of the history of the 20th Century.

Nixon: A Presidency Revealed premieres Feb. 15 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on The History Channel.