With Gareth Edwards exiting Godzilla 2, Warner Bros. currently needs to fill the director's chair, and there are some really great candidates who may be up to the challenge. Last week, Warner Bros. announced that they were bumping back the release date for Godzilla 2 nine months from June 8, 2018 to March 22, 2019. And very shortly after the date shifted, the studio announced that director Gareth Edwards would be exiting the project as a result. The split with Edwards and the studio was reportedly mutual and there are no bad feelings on either side of the table. Edwards went from working on Godzilla to directing the first Star Wars anthology film, the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One and has other offers on the table that are clearly too hard to pass up.

Though not everyone loved 2010's American Godzilla, the general feeling from fans and critics was that the movie was definitely a step in the right direction. And ever since Edward's' first film Monsters, it was clear he knew how to handle these types of stories. So losing him for the sequel is a bit of a set back. However, there are three years between now and the new Godzilla 2 release date, so Warner Bros. has plenty of time to find a new director, who they may want to keep on to direct Godzilla Vs King Kong as well, which is slated for release just over a year after Godzilla 2.

The first Godzilla was a fairly big hit at the box office, managing to scare up $529 million worldwide and was seen as a dramatic improvement over the 1998 Roland Emmerich directed version, which never got a sequel due to poor critical reception. The upcoming sequel is said to feature some of the classic Godzilla rogues gallery creatures, such as Mothra and Rodan. So who should take the reigns from Gareth Edwards for the next installment in the monster movie franchise? Here are a few guys that make sense.

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1Brad Peyton

Brad Peyton

Up until 2015, Brad Peyton looked like the kind of guy that only made family movies that parents had to take their kids to. But when San Andreas came out in 2015 it became clear that Peyton could do much more. Granted, San Andreas wasn't a high-concept film by any means but, it was a very entertaining and effective disaster movie with very good looking effects, and it didn't hurt that The Rock was in it. But looking through Peyton's IMDB page, it is clear that he has the tools to take on a big monster flick like Godzilla 2.

With his work on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and the fact that he is re-teaming with Dwayne Johnson for the video game adaptation Rampage, it is clear that Peyton can work with big creatures in a human environment. Mix that with the already Godzilla-esque citywide destruction displayed in San Andreas, and his credits essentially look like the perfect resume for this type of film. The only potential problem is that Peyton already has three major projects in the works, all starring Johnson, with San Andreas 2, Rampage and Journey 3, though none of them have official release dates as of yet.

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