What's the first thing you think of when you think of Godzilla? How about boxer Rocky Balboa running on the streets of Philly, doing laps in the sea with Apollo Creed or going toe-to-toe with Ivan Drago in the ring? If the connection makes no sense to you, here's 2014's Godzilla director Gareth Edwards explaining the link during a watch along session of the movie on Twitter.

"Believe it or not, Rocky films were an inspiration for this end sequence. Your hero has to get the living sh*t beat out of him for you to cheer at the end."
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The scene in question takes place near the end of the film. Godzilla has just taken part in a pitched battle with the titanic MUTOs. Although he won the fight, it took a heavy toll on Godzilla, who collapses in the middle of a stadium, apparently dead.

Then, with people swarming around the presumed dead monster lizard, Godzilla's eyes open, and he awakens. His mission to protect the Earth from the MUTOs complete, he returns to the depths of the ocean as the crowds of people cheer him on in this first installment of the MonsterVerse.

It is this instance of the people, who had until then been firmly against Godzilla, now seeing him as their champion that was apparently inspired by Rocky's journey. Rocky often found himself at odds with the crowds at his boxing matches, but his refusal to stay down after getting beaten to a bloody pulp made audiences side with him near the end of the fights. For many generations, Rocky is the embodiment of the fighting spirit, which Godzilla exhibited at the end of his first solo film.

But while Godzilla may have been Rocky in his first and even second film, as the plucky upstart taking on the bigger and even more monstrous King Ghidorah, the tables will likely turn in Godzilla Vs Kong, slated for release later this year.

In that movie, Godzilla will be taking on Kong of Skull Island. The movie will see Skull Island being invaded by Godzilla and his monstrous brethren, disrupting the peaceful life led by the giant ape and forcing him into battle against the newly crowned King of Monsters.

Even if Kong has managed to grow a whole lot more since the release of his first solo movie, he will still be dwarfed by Godzilla. This means the ape will have to use his cunning, his opposable thumbs, and possibly the help of humans if he is to stand a chance against the nuclear-breath powered, impenetrably skinned monster lizard.

With the current lockdown, the fate of the release of movies slated even for the end of the year is in question, so who knows how long fans will have to wait for the most epic matchup since Batman and Superman had that 10-minute bout at the end of their crossover movie. Hopefully, the fight between the ape and lizard won't get resolved that quickly.