It took a monster-sized effort and hundreds of extras as the film crew for the remake Godzilla shut down the harbor streets of Nanaimo for lights, camera, and action. The crew has been on set since Monday, filming primarily indoors, but the weather has cleared, giving onlookers a look at the massive production this weekend. CTV was on the scene where they captured footage of the U.S. Army fighting off the unseen threat of a yet to be rendered Godzilla, armed and ready for battle. The 300-member crew is on day 3 of a two-week blitz trough Vancouver Island. They have also hired hundreds of locals to work as extras, with the location of Nanaimo chosen for its train route, which will be utilized in one of the movie's big set pieces. Watch as Godzilla marches towards its 2014 release date.

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange