The Good

Even though this isn't a Matthew Broderick film it was great to see him in something again.

The Bad

Even when this movie gets going... it doesn't really get going.

While I am still a bit sketchy on most of the story details (there were however four credited writers on the film), basically Godzilla comes to New York. Sure there are moments where they attempted to develop the characters (I am really starting to hate that word), but for the most part Godzilla was a $125 million thrill ride that seemed to lack something in every department.

As I was watching this film, I almost got the impression that the powers that be were going out of their way to confuse the audience. Almost as if they thought that by convoluting the story line and then pouring tons of effects on it, this might somehow make up for the fact that this movie was more jumbled than a fishbowl of lottery tickets. While this movie did almost do $400 million worldwide, something tells me that it was a cautionary tale that some studios learned from and others didn't.


All Time Best of Godzilla t Scenes

This is a varied assortment of the fight scenes that our friend Godzilla has engaged in over the years. While I wish I was more of a fan (as I think that would have helped my appreciation of these "fights" some more), what I found the most interesting was how these documented the effects and the different looks of the films over the years.

Three Episodes from the Godzilla Animated Series

I rarely do this but because I have already reviewed a bunch of episodes from the animated show, please click this link to read what I have to say about them.

Production Art Gallery

An interesting look at the art of this movie which, sadly to say, seems like more was put into it on that front than in the entire film. I really liked seeing the drawings and then the models that were made from them. It think it's pretty impressive how the effects teams are able to bring these things to life. Sadly, this wasn't enough to salvage this movie.

Special FX Supervisor Commentary

Volker Engel provides the commentary track here which I think was a good idea. Had Roland Emmerich done it, I tend to think that we would have gotten something interesting but not altogether original. Engel provided a rather interesting take because he just focused on the effects of the film, and not all the other hoopla that journalists (myself included) seem to focus on.

"Heroes" Music Video by The Wallflowers

Truthfully, I found this kind of laughable just because I when I think of bands providing songs for event movies, The Wallflowers are group that don't readily come to mind. Still, this song isn't that bad even though I don't really care that much for music videos on general.

Promotional Featurette

A normal "making of" that examines this film and tries to make it seem better than it is. I sort of wondered while I was watching this if the actors really believed the things they were saying? Or, maybe they have just done so many of these that they know saying how good the film is might actually make it be so? We hear from cast and crew members as they discuss this film and what it's like to follow in the footsteps of those that came before it.

Publicity Stills Gallery

Nothing too special here, unless you are such a fan of this movie that you want to look at the materials that helped drive it to it's nearly $400 million dollar gross. There is a nice assortment of shots from the film as well.

Godzilla Takes New York

This was actually something pretty interesting. We get to see how New York looked before Godzilla visited it, and then we are treated to New York after. Creators of DVDs usually don't include this kind of material for whatever reason, but I am glad they did considering the breadth of devastation created by this beast.


2.35:1 - Anamorphic Widescreen. One thing I will give this movie is that it is very watchable. Maybe it is all effects with a story that is bankrupt of originality, but they have made it a very pleasing piece of eye candy. Also, this film takes place in locals that are quite dark, yet I was impressed that the DVD compression didn't pixelate the images or make them look even darker than they were. Overall, it seems like great care has been taken to transfer the experience from the big screen to the small one.


English - Dolby Digital 5.1. French - Dolby Digital 2.0. Again, another movie that I am glad I watched in the comfort of my home, rather than in the theater as I think it would have been a mind numbing experience. The audio on this film is very full and it almost seems incongruous with the images. Still, those people with home theater systems are going to be excited to own this movie so that they will be able to test out the power of their setups.


I would have liked this darkly composed front cover if it didn't make Godzilla look so hokey. Perhaps had they made the creature more mysterious looking it might have added to the overall effect of the film? The back cover shows us some scenes from the movie, gives us a description of what it's about (not that that helps), offers up a "Special Features" list, a cast list and technical specs. Overall, not a bad cover I just think they should have left more to the imagination.

Final Word

I remember the summer that this movie was released. A friend of mine who happens to own a movie theater was flabbergasted that this film came out, grossed almost $60 million at the box office and was still considered a failure. While there have certainly been other movies that were bigger bombs at the multiplexes, there seemed to be something about this film that started the shift in audience tastes that we are now experiencing almost weekly with bigger budgeted films.

You don't believe me?

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