A new international trailer for Godzilla has debuted, and it finally gives us a sneak peek at the multiple monsters that this giant lizard will have to face off against in the dirty streets of San Francisco and elsewhere as the world faces a deadly threat. Watch as events lead up to the ultimate Kaiju fight, and major story details are teased for the first time. Warning, this is a pretty spoiler heavy look at director Gareth Edwards' reboot. It also hints that this will surely be one of the most action-packed blockbusters of the summer.

While the previous trailers have played up the mystery of the giant monster and his friends, this latest look at the film makes it clear that a group of mutant monstrosities are responsible for all the damage on display, and we get a sense of why and how Godzilla is called into be the hero, paying direct homage to the 1954 original and its sequels. The Muto monsters, of which there seem to be many, are the work of Japanese scientists and these beasts have broken out of containment. As the world beings to get torn apart, Ichiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) reveals that the only answer to Earth's survival is Gojira himself. The movie will ultimately be one big build-up to Godzilla's ultimate fight.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange