A new image from Godzilla: King of the Monsters has emerged online. It's already been four years since director Gareth Edwards introduced audiences to this new, massive version of the classic Toho monster. Now, finally, a sequel is heading our way next year and it looks like it's going to be worth the wait, as we've got one epic monster brawl coming our way. While the other monsters are left out of this new shot, we get a great new look at the titular king himself, who looks ready to take King Ghidorah and Rodan to task.

The new look was shared by director Michael Dougherty (Krampus, Trick 'r Treat) and features Godzilla, almost in his massive hulking entirety, standing amidst a city in darkness, with blue lightning flashing in the background. There are also planes and helicopters surrounding him. It appears as though this is another look at the sequence previewed at the end of the first Godzilla 2 trailer, which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer. Dougherty shared the photo with the following caption.

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"Nothing on earth is its equal, a creature without fear. It looks down on all that are haughty; it is king over all that are proud."

While the first Godzilla movie in this new American take on the franchise featured a couple of new monsters, the follow-up will feature some more familiar classic Toho creations. Rodan and King Ghidorah, as previously mentioned, are set to square off against the main man, who is going to have some help in the form of Mothra. Up to this point, Warner Bros. and the creative team are being a bit shy about fully revealing King Ghidorah. Though, we've seen enough to know this should be something for monster lovers to look forward to.

The human cast includes Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Charles Dance, Thomas Middleditch, O'Shea Jackson Jr. and Ziyi Zhang, with Sally Hawkins and Ken Watanabe reprising their roles from the first movie. It's already been confirmed that Brown and Chandler with both also be appearing in next year's Godzilla vs. Kong, which recently started filming and is set to hit theaters in 2020. That movie, as the title suggests, will see Godzilla duking it out with the newer King Kong we were introduced to in last year's Kong: Skull Island.

We recently learned that work on the highly-anticipated sequel is completely finished. Now, rather frustratingly, it's just sitting in the can waiting to be unleashed on the world. Thus far, the MonsterVerse, as it's been dubbed by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros., has been quite successful, with both Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island earning solid reviews and doing big business at the box office. Let's hope that trend continues next year when Godzilla: King of the Monsters arrives in theaters on May 31, 2019. Be sure to check out the new image from Mike Dougherty's Twitter account below.

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