Heads up, giant monster fans! Not only do we have two brand new posters for Godzilla: King of the Monsters to share, but presale tickets for the movie are now available. So those who want to get in on the monster brawl of the century early can scoop up tickets for opening weekend as we speak. To help kill the last few weeks until the movie arrives, two stunning new posters for the sequel have made their way online, highlighting what could be the biggest, quite literally, fight of the summer.

IMAX and Dolby Cinema both unveiled new posters for the long-awaited sequel to 2014's Godzilla today as tickets went on sale. Both posters feature Godzilla and King Ghidorah prominently, getting ready to duke it out, much to the chagrin of anyone who is stuck in the city they're about to brawl in. Both are set with the same blue/grey color scheme and both are, in a word, absolutely epic. IMAX announced in the caption provided with the poster on Twitter that tickets are now up for grabs.

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"The King of the monsters is back! Check out our exclusive artwork for Godzilla and reserve your seat to experience the titans rise in #IMAX theatres! Tickets on sale now"

This probably won't be nearly as hectic as it was to get Avengers: Endgame tickets for opening weekend. Still, this is, in every sense of the word, a gigantic blockbuster and there will be a certain amount of demand from those who are feeling particularly eager to witness the kaiju action. So those who wish to see it as early as possible shouldn't sleep on getting those tickets as soon as possible.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is set to introduce Mothra and Rodan into the fold as well. This is going to take a very different approach to the material than director Gareth Edwards presented us with in 2014. His movie was very much centered on the human POV. Some liked his take, others didn't. Director Michael Dougherty (Krampus) has taken the reins this time around and has promised that this is going to be straight-up monster action top to bottom. He's also added some very talented humans to the cast, including Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga and Kyle Chandler.

The studio has already finished filming a follow-up in the form of Godzilla vs. Kong, which was directed by Adam Wingard (Blair Witch) and is set for release next summer. Box office tracking currently has the movie pulling in around $50 million on opening weekend. That number does feel a bit low and it could climb if pre-sales are strong, and depending on how critics respond to the long-awaited sequel. Warner Bros. will unleash Godzilla: King of the Monsters in theaters on May 31. Be sure to check out the new posters below.

Godzilla King of the Monsters IMAX poster
Godzilla King of the Monsters Dolby poster