The studio that originally brought us Godzilla all of those years ago is back at it again, bringing us something we've never seen before from the King of the Monsters. Somehow, after more than fifty years, Godzilla has never been made into an anime, but that is all about to change with the upcoming Godzilla: Monster Planet. Now, Toho has released the very first teaser trailer for the upcoming anime movie, and it looks like nothing we've ever seen from the franchise before.

Toho Animation released the first teaser trailer for Godzilla: Monster Planet, giving us our first look at footage from the first ever Godzilla anime. Truthfully, if you didn't know this was a Godzilla movie, even after watching the teaser, you might still not. The famed Kaiju doesn't show up until the very end of the trailer and he is pretty well disguised. The rest of the footage is a whole lot of weird space stuff, explosions and hectic jungle shots. But all of that stuff looks cool, so adding the best movie monster of all time into the mix just makes it that much better.

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Godzilla: Monster Planet will center on a world that was ravaged by man's war with the Kaiju that lasted half a century. With Earth now ruled by monsters, the humans decide to escape and make for a planet called Tau e. Only those selected by an advanced A.I. are allowed to go to the planet. After a 20-year journey, the humans find out that Tau e isn't the habitable saving grace they thought it was. So the humans must make a risky return to Earth, only to find that 20,000 years have actually passed, because of hyperspace travel and some fancy anime movie science, sort of like Planet of the Apes. Now, the planet is ruled by Godzilla in a fierce new ecosystem.

Legendary Pictures has their own, American thing going on with the Godzilla franchise right now, which kicked off in 2014 with Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. There are those who didn't enjoy that take, which largely subverted the action and showed it from the human POV. Many of those who didn't enjoy that take found satisfaction in last year's Shin Godzilla, which also came from Toho. Those who enjoyed Shin Godzilla and enjoy Toho's take on the legendary Kaiju may want to keep their eyes peeled for Godzilla: Monster Planet.

Godzilla: Monster Planet is directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshit and will be released in Japan later this year. Luckily, American Godzilla movie fans are in luck because Netflix picked up the distribution rights, so the movie will be made available to anyone with a Netflix subscription. Or anyone who can borrow someone's Netflix password for a bit. Be sure to check out the first teaser trailer for Godzilla: Monster Planet for yourself below.

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