Godzilla producer Brian Rogers made an appearance at Universal Studios' 3D Summit recently, and Zennie62.com was able to nab an interview with him about the upcoming remake of this Japanese monster movie classic.

In short, Brian Rogers stated that he plans to do for the Godzilla franchise what Batman Begins and The Dark Knight did for the character of Batman. This will be an origin story that will stay close to the roots of the 1956 original, while at the same time rebooting it for today's more sophisticated audiences. No script has been settled on, with different drafts currently being looked at. No director is in place yet, and the rumor that WETA is working on the designs for Godzilla is false. Brian Rogers did confirm, though, that Godzilla will be fighting one or more monsters in the film.

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Here is what Brian Rogers had to say (Zennie62.com video interview is embedded below}):

"2012 is the targeted release date. This is a large project to set up, so we are aiming for that point. We hope we can make it. We met with Toho Pictures to set up a 3D feature film of Godzilla. It did take a huge amount of time to do those negotiations. Legendary Pictures seemed to be the right home for it, because they wanted to do a complete reboot of the character, and bring it to a new audience, so to speak. In terms of the reboot, all of the conversations we had with Legendary Pictures made it clear that they wanted to pay homage to the original Godzilla character. They did not want to make the same decisions that Sony did. They wanted to go back to the history of the film. They also wanted to do a project that was current. And exciting to the viewing audience. It's what Legendary did with Batman. They reinvented Batman, they brought in stronger elements to make it a stronger project. We felt very good about getting involved with Legendary. It's a great place for this project."

About whether there will be another monster, or monsters, in the film, such as Mothra, Brian Rogers stated:

"I can safely say that there will be other monsters, or a monster, that Godzilla will fight. I think, traditionally, those are the kinds of situations that the fan base wants to see. With the Sony film, not having another monster was more of a drawback than an asset. Just having Godzilla fight the US army was not the spirit of the character."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange