While fans still have just under three long years until Warner Bros.' highly-anticipated sequel Godzilla 2, another version of this iconic monster will hit Japanese theaters in just a few weeks. Toho, the Japanese company that created this beloved creature, will release their first Godzilla movie in over a decade with Godzilla: Resurgence, which hits Japanese theaters on July 29. While we still don't know if there are any plans for a U.S. release of Godzilla: Resurgence, a new TV spot has surfaced with a better look at this monster, who gets fired upon by the Japanese military.

The TV spot, which surfaced on YouTube, is in Japanese, without any English subtitles. While you'll have to be fluent in Japanese to understand what the characters are saying throughout this 15-second video, you can still get a new look at this creature without having to take any Japanese lessons. This video comes just a few weeks after a Godzilla footprint was spotted on a Japanese beach, as part of the movie's viral marketing campaign.

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Toho has released 28 Godzilla movies since the 1954 original classic, which was directed by Ishirô Honda. The studio last released Godzilla: Final Wars back in 2004, and licensed the rights to Godzilla to Warner Bros. for director Gareth Edwards' remake, which earned $525 million worldwide, $26 million of which came from Japanese markets. Given the renewed interest in the Godzilla franchise, Toho decided to produce another Godzilla project, and Godzilla: Resurgence was born.

Hideaki Anno is directing Godzilla: Resurgence from his own screenplay, while Shinji Higuchi will oversee the visual effects work. The filmmakers are best known for their work on Neon Genesis Evangelion and the recent live-action movie Attack on Titan. Toho will co-distribute the film with Warner Bros. Japan. Warner Bros. is currently prepping the Godzilla 2 sequel, which was recently given a new release date of March 22, 2019, after director Gareth Edwards dropped out.

Satomi Ishihara, Hiroki Hasegawa, Alex Hormigo and Yutaka Takenouchi star in this action-thriller, but nothing is known about their characters. Very little is known about the plot thus far, aside from the fact that Godzilla wreaks havoc upon an unsuspecting Japanese city. Hopefully we'll see more action-packed footage before the July 29 release date, although that date is only for the Japanese release. Since Warner Bros. Japan is co-distributing, it's possible that Godzilla: Resurgence could get a U.S. release later this year, but that will likely depend on how this action-adventure fares at the box office. While we wait for more details, take a look at this TV spot below for your latest look at Godzilla: Resurgence.