The Nijigen no Mori Park in Japan has opened their long-awaited Godzilla statue ride and it's insane. Visitors are currently able to zipline directly into the life-sized monster's mouth. The statue stands at just over 75 feet tall and it's over 180 feet long, which is how big Godzilla would be in real life. If guests don't want to zipline into the monster's mouth, they can take part in the virtual shooting range, head to the Godzilla museum and gift shop, while hitting up a cafe with exclusive Godzilla-themed offerings.

Nijigen no Mori Park is on Awaji Island, near the city of Kobe. The theme park just had its opening ceremony for their Godzilla ride, which is officially called Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji. A representative from the theme park recently said, "As far as we know, this is the only life-size Godzilla statue ever built. We would like Godzilla fans, including those abroad, to come and appreciate the massiveness of the monster they only know of through movie screens." Japan will more than likely see an uptick in traveling in the coming weeks, thanks to the massive Godzilla statue.

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The goal of the Godzilla ride is to keep the creature from escaping the bay as visitors pose as researchers. While inside, one of the missions involves destroying Godzilla's cells. This experience seems like something that all Godzilla fans are going to want to get it on. Hopefully someone in the United States will pick up on the idea once the public health crisis starts to subside. As it stands, most theme parks are still closed, including Disneyland in California, though Walt Disney World in Florida has been open since July.

Nijigen no Mori Park originally had plans to unveil their giant Godzilla over the summer, but they had to delay it because of the public health crisis. However, things seem to be doing better in Japan, as people are flocking to get a chance to even just look at the massive Godzilla statue. "We would like visitors to learn about Awaji Island through the globally renowned Godzilla," park operator Yasuyuki Nambu said in a statement. The legendary monster just has a great way of bringing people together.

At the moment, most fans are waiting for the Godzilla vs Kong trailer. Legendary recently trolled fans about the status of the trailer in a new promotion where the studio is asking the fans to make their own trailers for the long-awaited, and now-delayed movie. It's unclear when the first footage for the movie will arrive, but it's looking like it might be a bit longer than everybody was hoping for. It might be time to pack up and take a trip to Japan to get it on the Godzilla ride while we all wait for the Godzilla vs Kong trailer. The massive theme park news was originally reported by the Godzilla-Movies website.