Ever since the arrival of the upcoming movie Godzilla Vs Kong was announced, fans have been wondering how the giant ape will manage to take on the much, much bigger giant lizard. Now, thanks to new artwork teased from the pages of a Godzilla Vs Kong prequel comic, we have gotten a glimpse of what Kong will look like when he goes head-to-head against the King of Monsters.

Breaking: New images of "Adult Kong" with his beard have been revealed during the Legendary Comics: Monsterverse Publishing 2020 panel that took place during [email protected] 2020.
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The images show King Kong facing off against his old enemies: helicopters. While Kong seems to have grown since the time of Kong: Skull Island, he is clearly still much smaller than Godzilla. He is also sporting a Kratos-style warrior beard, indicating that the Kong of Skull Island, who was described as an adolescent who was still growing, has now become a fully-grown adult.

This has confused some fans, since a previously leaked teaser from Godzilla Vs Kong had revealed that the giant ape has grown nearly to the same size as the lizard Titan. Since the prequel comic is still set years before the events of the upcoming film, perhaps Kong will grow even more in the intervening time frame.

A giant white Bengal tiger-looking feline of some kind is shown to be lying next to Kong in one of the panels. This is a species from the MonsterVerse known as Icaris Tigris, that were originally meant to appear in Kong: Skull Island before their scenes were scrapped, as revealed by the film's writer John Gatins.

"The characters had landed on the island and spent the night on the beach before they traveled inland. They sit around and drink beer by a fire and sign sailor shanties. I just loved it, but it was a bit kind of tangential to having to get to the meat of the matter. In the morning after this raucous night, two saber-toothed tigers come out of the jungle and sniff around the camp."
"Someone says, "Don't shoot and they'll go away," but the guy takes the shot and kills one. They were a pair, a male and a female, and the other one just goes nuts. It kills the guy who took the shot. It's like the inciting incident of a war, a kind of harbinger; you're in a place you don't know, and now you've awakened more than you know. It was the first indication that we're not in a normal place. There's no such thing as a saber-toothed tiger and it's enormous."

So just like Mothra is Godzilla's tag team partner among the Titans, Godzilla appears to have found himself an ally in the form of a giant Bengal tiger. Perhaps the feline will feature in the upcoming film aiding Kong in defense of their home, once Godzilla and his Kaiju posse arrive to lay the smackdown on the King of Skull Island.