We've seen both Godzilla and King Kong making their respective splashes in Hollywood in recent years, with multiple major motion pictures hitting the big screen. In 2020, the two will come together in an epic battle for Adam Wingard's crossover movie, Godzilla Vs Kong. With pre-production now chugging along at a nice pace, the film's cast continues to add names, with several talented players joining its ensemble. This will now include Alexander Skarsgård, who's just been confirmed to have gained a role in the upcoming MonsterVerse movie.

Skarsgård will be in great company. Also set to appear in the film is Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry, who will also star in MGM's upcoming Child's Play remake. Julian Dennison of Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Deadpool 2 will be starring as well, along with The Nun star Demián Bichir. The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira is in talks to appear in the film as well, and Millie Bobby Brown is also rumored to be reprising her role from next year's MonsterVerse film. More names are also expected to be added to the cast in the coming weeks.

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The films in the MonsterVerse began in 2014 with the simply-titled movie Godzilla, which was directed by Gareth Edwards and stars Bryan Cranston. In 2017, Kong: Skull Island would expand the MonsterVerse, although it was set in the past while Godzilla takes place in the present. In 2019, the giant lizard will return in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, setting the stage for the following year's battle with King Kong in Wingard's Godzilla vs. Kong. With each of the legendary movie monsters getting their time to shine in theaters in the years leading up to the fight, chances are the film is going to be a huge draw at the box office.

This will be just one of many places fans can expect to see Skarsgård on the screen. After winning a Golden Globe for his role in the HBO series Big Little Lies, Skarsgård is rumored to somehow return in the show's upcoming second season. The actor will also star in AMC's '70s-set TV series The Little Drummer Girl, which will begin airing on AMC on Nov. 19. Skarsgård is also attached to no less than three feature films set to release in 2019, and is likely to appear in other places as well. Since his breakout role on the HBO series True Blood, Skarsgård now seems to be busier than he's ever been with his continued success in Hollywood.

Godzilla vs. Kong will officially release in theaters everywhere on May 22, 2020. It will be the fourth installment of the cinematic MonsterVerse established by Legendary and Warner Bros. The third MonsterVerse film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, will release next year on May 31, 2019. Certainly, for fans of the two Godzilla and Kong movies to come out so far, both films are being met with high anticipation. This information comes to us courtesy of Deadline.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick