Prime 1 Studio are well known for creating amazing movie based statues that fall into the category of, "if I had money to burn, what would I buy?" But even for them the new Godzilla Vs Kong Final Battle diorama is in another league. Coming in at a gargantuan 30 inches high and around 6 feet in width, this beast of a talking point will only set you back a monstrous $5,699. It is safe to say, while you may need to consider taking extra shifts, or selling your least favorite child, this will be one of the most impressive movie related items you could ever own.

Godzilla vs Kong was the cross-over movie that fans wanted for years, and while once upon a time it seemed like nothing was less likely, March finally saw the kaiju monster-mash roar some life back into the box office in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic. While the movie did big business on HBO Max and other pay-per-view outlets overseas, with more cinemas now opening up to limited audiences the movie is gaining a whole new wave of support from those who want to see the pair go at it on the big screen. With this kind of popularity comes the obvious merchandise tie-ins, with multiple toy lines, ranging from cheap and cheerful to adult collector sets, clothing and apparel, and then we have Prime 1 Studio offering something that money can only just buy.

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If we break this down, the piece is actually made up of two separate statues which combine to create the ultimate centerpiece for the financially comfortable. Godzilla would set you back $1949, while Kong lags just behind at $1890. If you purchase both together in the set, then the central diorama piece brings together a scene direct from the movie. The quality, as you would expect for the price, is perfect down to the smallest details whether it's the flames and smoke plumes from destroyed buildings, cars overturned in the street, or the screen accurate monsters themselves. There are even multiple led lights providing illumination of the neon Hong Kong tower blocks, burning wreckage, Kong's battle axe and Godzilla's blue fire.

Twitter uses reacted to the news with a series of memes relating to the conversations they are having with their wallets, while some flat out acknowledged that having the money to spend on something like this would need nothing short of selling some body parts.

Prime 1 Studio, who have recently been putting out a number of highly detailed Marvel movie figures, are well known for the effort they put into their high end items. An average price point for any of their pieces runs around $1200, and with the additional size and scope of this diorama as a whole, it's not hard to see why this one comes with a higher tag. However, for those hoping to grab a little bit of the magic, there is another item that comes at a more reasonable $899 in the form of a life size replica of Kong's Battle Axe.

This equally impressive 36 inch replica is skillfully sculpted exactly as it appears in the movie, from the weathered bone handle to the Atomic Dorsal Plate, which glows thanks to installed lighting. As well as being ready to fit in your hand, it also comes with a Hollow Earth Stalagmite base perfect to display it in pride of place to make all of your fellow collectors envious. All of these pieces are available to pre-order now from Prime 1 Studio direct, with release dates expected between July and October 2022.