A ninja King Kong? While the idea might seem like it came out of a twelve-year-old's fevered dream, that is just what we might get to see in the upcoming Godzilla Vs Kong. In a recent interview, the film's production designer Owen Patterson explained that the epic matchup between the giant lizard and giant ape will feature Kong doing parkour across buildings while fighting Godzilla.

"With Kong in there, Kong is obviously a giant, human proportion gorilla, then he can swing off things we imagine, like a great ape. So he can use buildings to do that. And while he's swinging, Godzilla is trying to knock him down with his extraordinary atomic breath. And where that's happening, Kong can be swinging from building to building, like parkour almost, or like a great ape swinging through a building. But because you didn't really want to cut down the buildings that necessarily exist in Hong Kong either, some of the buildings have had to be made a bit taller."
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The previous solo Kong movie in Legendary's MonsterVerse, namely Kong: Skull Island, showed the giant ape as an adolescent. Due to his immense size, which dwarfed most structures around him, there was not a lot of room for Kong to display his swinging abilities. But it seems the creature will have to make use of all his swinging muscles if he is to stand in battle against Godzilla in their upcoming film.

The ability to swing around and do parkour is not the only manner in which GvK will humanize Kong. He will also be shown using a battle-ax and communicating with humans using sign language. In a previous interview, the film's director Adam Wingard had explained that Kong is set to act and behave like a human being in his new movie, which will give the audience someone to root for in a battle between two giant monsters.

"Kong for instance, as almost like a human conduit, like we can actually cut to Kong in this movie without having to cut back to the human characters for relatively large chunks of the film, because we can experience things through him. He's emotive and all these kinds of things like his eyes, and the way he experiences things is relatable, and so it allows us to be able to just treat him just like any other character, and the humans are always going to back that up."

From the way he is being described, it sure sounds like Kong is being set up to be the hero of GvK, and Godzilla will be set up as the villain. At least until Mechagodzilla shows up and forces the two behemoths to team up with each other and humanity to battle the new threat. Directed by Adam Wingard and written by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein, Godzilla vs. Kong features a lead cast consisting of Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, and Brian Tyree Henry. This news arrives from CinemaBlend.