The oncoming collision of two of cinema's most iconic monsters is almost upon us. After three movies doing their own thing, Godzilla and King Kong are soon set to come to blows in the mammoth blockbuster Godzilla Vs Kong. Following a test screening that supposedly went very well, someone who claims to have been at that test screening has revealed the running time of the movie.

According to the anonymous source, the runtime for Godzilla vs. Kong is approximately one hour and 45 minutes. Sounds rather short for a monster movie epic. However, before you start panicking that you aren't going to get anywhere near enough monster mash action, the source has stated that the run time "does not compromise the film's plot at all and no crucial developments are left out."

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Assuming that this runtime is accurate, Godzilla vs. Kong will be the shortest of all of the MonsterVerse movies, with last years' Godzilla: King of the Monsters ranking as the longest with a run time of two hours and 12 minutes. Both Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island clock in at around the two hours mark.

While one hour and 45 minutes may sound like quite a short movie, particularly for one that aims to bring Godzilla and King Kong together Batman V Superman style, bear in mind that if the movie does not mess around with getting the two monsters to start punching each other then you don't really need much time for anything else. It should be plenty of time to put together a compelling enough story to bring the two giants together, and, besides, in a movie like this isn't the story really playing second-fiddle to the chaotic meeting of the monsters?

The person who allegedly attended the Godzilla vs. Kong test screening assures that the movie has ample time to tell a gripping story, and packs in enough substance in this seemingly short run time. It is also possible that things will change between the test screening and the movie being officially released, so the run time could change.

Godzilla vs. Kong drops us in a time when monsters walk the Earth, and humanity's fight for its future. The movie sets Godzilla and Kong on a collision course that will see the two most powerful forces of nature on the planet collide in a spectacular battle for the ages. As Monarch embarks on a perilous mission into uncharted terrain and unearths clues to the Titans' origins, a human conspiracy threatens to wipe the creatures, both good and bad, from the face of the earth forever. Now, that definitely sounds like something that can be fit into a one hour 45 minute run time.

The movie is being directed by Adam Wingard and is a sequel to Godzilla, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island, as well as the fourth film in Legendary's MonsterVerse. Godzilla vs. Kong stars Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Shun Oguri, Eiza González, Jessica Henwick, Julian Dennison, Kyle Chandler, Zhang Ziyi, and Demián Bichir.

Godzilla vs. Kong is scheduled to be released on November 20, 2020. This comes to us from