While Avengers: Endgame was the most ambitious cinematic crossover yet, 2020 may well see that film beat with the release of Legendary's Godzilla Vs Kong. The movie has already had a test screening, and the audience reaction is described as positive, with it generating big buzz into the weekend.

The movie's director Adam Wingard also posted a hopeful but cryptic Instagram post relating to the screening, saying, 'Yesterday was a great day for these two fellas!"

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Yesterday was a great day for these two fellas!

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Fans of the legendary Monsterverse who have been waiting with bated breath to see the two giant icons of cinema slug it out on-screen are sure to be thrilled by Wingard's post. The photo accompanying the post is a shot from the 1962 King Kong VS Godzilla movie, showing the titanic ape locked in combat with the lizard behemoth. Or, perhaps, they are doing their happy dancer after hearing how much an early audience enjoyed the movie.

There have been quite a few speculations regarding how the new movie will bring a fresh angle to the fight between Kong and Godzilla. Unlike the 1962 version, the new title bout between the monsters has had plenty of buildup to it, with two movies about Godzilla and one about Kong having already been released.

In the Monsterverse that the previous movies have established, Kong and Godzilla are independent entities, but still connected by a mysterious force that unites all the giant monsters that exist in that world. So while the two have not met on-screen, they are aware of each other's existence.

In the last Godzilla movie, the titular lizard beat King Ghidorah to become King of all Monsters. Kong, while hearing the call of King Godzilla to all his monstrous subjects, refused to answer it.

From what we know so far of the new movie, the island on which Kong lives is of importance to other monsters, prompting Godzilla to travel there, and setting the stage for the mighty clash between the lizard and the ape.

The previous films in the Monsterverse have received mixed reviews at best, with the stories frequently alternating between giant monster battles in the dark that go on for too long, and stories about the human characters who are involved in the plot in some capacity, who find it difficult to keep the viewers attention with their personal problems.

With Godzilla VS Kong, it is the Monsterverse's final chance to make a movie that establishes its films as a favorite among general audiences, and not just kaiju movie fans.

While the film has been kept under tight wraps so far, with the test screening, the producers must be gearing up to begin the publicity push leading up to the movie's release on November 20. This means lots of questions fans have about the movie will be answered in the coming days with the release of the film's trailer.

Questions like how big is Kong in his new movie, and is he still big enough to take on Godzilla? What exactly is the mechanical giant referenced in the last Godzilla movie, which is sure to make an appearance in this one? It is Mecha Godzilla or Mecha-King Ghidorah? Will the movie give us one definite winner between the two enormously popular monsters, or will we get a repeat of Batman V Superman, where the two tussle for ten minutes and then unite to fight a bigger threat? All these questions and more will be answered soon as we gear up for a true battle of the giants. ComicBook.com