Update: 4/8/2020 By the studio's request we've removed the toy images as they appear to have been leaked by an unofficial source.

We have a new look at some of the monsters set to appear in Godzilla Vs Kong. Namely, Godzilla and King Kong, as well as a brand new kaiju who it seems will be getting in on the action. When coupled with what little we know about the upcoming blockbuster monster brawl, it seems like this is going to be another beast-filled romp in the MonsterVerse.

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Warning: possible spoilers ahead for Godzilla vs. Kong. Oftentimes, toy leaks can prove to be a bit misleading, or downright inaccurate, when it comes to depicting what will actually be seen in the movie itself. That said, there is a more than decent chance that they will reveal something that might be best enjoyed on opening night. So those who wish to go in clean may want to turn back now. A handful of images from upcoming Playmates toys have leaked online and they preview the new designs for both Godzilla and King Kong, which look very much like the versions of the creatures fans of Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island will be familiar with.

When it comes to Godzilla specifically, there is one toy that shows us a beast called "Mega Godzilla." We see his fins are bathed in red, almost looking molten like lava. Perhaps we'll be seeing the King of the Monsters getting another unique power up this time around? One of the most revealing bits contained in these toys is a new creature named Nozuki. Much like the MOTUs in 2014's Godzilla, this seems to be an original creation for the MonsterVerse franchise. It looks like a gigantic serpent with wings. The question is, whose side will this Titan be on?

A previous toy reveal all but confirmed that Mechagodzilla is also going to be involved in the madness. There is a version of this movie which is a relatively straightforward brawl as advertised in the title. It seems the creative team, led by director Adam Wingard (Blair Witch), took a different approach. Instead, they decided to go a little bigger with it by bringing other monsters, and a manmade monster-killing machine, into the mix. Whether or not that's for the better remains to be seen.

The cast includes Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Julian Dennison, Brian Tyree Henry, Demian Bichir, Alexander Skarsgard, Eisa Gonzalez, Jessica Henwick, Rebecca Hall and Lance Reddick. The movie will follow in the footsteps of last year's King of the Monsters, which ultimately proved to be a critical and commercial disappointment for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Godzilla vs. Kong was already well into production by that time, so there was no hitting the brakes on this one. It was, however, delayed by several months, even before movie theaters in the U.S. and around the world shut down. It's now set to arrive, at least for now, on November 20. Be sure to check out the photos for yourself. This news comes to us via Godzilla-Movies.com.