Airing December 10 over 8 consecutive nights on Showtime (9-10pm ET/PT) is Sleeper Cell: American Terror. Picking up where Sleeper Cell the show left off, we follow undercover FBI agent Darwyn (Michael Ealy) as he infiltrates another cell in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the captured Faris Al-Farik (Oded Fehr) endures a great deal of torture as the CIA tries to pry information from him. Eventually, he is sent back to Saudi Arabia where he manages to break free, and further concentrate his efforts on bringing down America. As this is happening, we see terrorist Ilija Korjenic (Henri Lubatti) make every effort to escape America. Having suffered a personal tragedy it seems that this character wants to purge himself of his destructive past.

Sleeper Cell: American Terror moves through these three characters stories, easily going back and forth between emotional, action packed and stunning situations. Eventually, Darwyn realizes that everything he is going after leads him back to Al-Farik. Using FBI and CIA intelligence, Darwyn decides he's got to take up arms and go after Al-Farik on his own. Venturing to Yemen, he plays a covert game of cat and mouse, using Al-Farik's wife in the equation, to eventually battle the person who is responsible for giving him so much grief and pain.

What makes Sleeper Cell: American Terror such an interesting show to watch is that it juxtaposes what could be three films on their own into one. Getting to see what Darwyn, Al-Farik and Ilija are all doing, really heightens the tension in each show because we see how interconnected everything is on both a local, social and geopolitical level. Good guys and bad guys seem to work on both sides, with the end goal being that everybody is working everybody else. Darwyn knows that he's going to have to make concessions, just as Al-Farik and Ilija know their way around the system they are trying to destroy. The fact that Darwyn is also a Muslim adds a true complexity to this character, because he often seems conflicted about what his directives are, even if he knows what the right thing to do is. It honestly seems that if he had chosen to join up with the enemy, he might be just as successful doing that as he is fighting them

Using 8 hours to tell the story of Sleeper Cell: American Terror, the creators of this show have given us a tale that is as action packed as it is interesting.

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