Synchronized Swimming: The Pursuit of Excellence is a one-hour show on PBS focusing on the difficult sport. "Synchro," as it is called by the athletes, might look easy but there is a lot of training involved. These athletes must be good at swimming, gymnastics, and several other activities that are required by this demanding sport.

The team from the Santa Clara Aquamaids is one of the best in the country, coached by Chris Carver who coached an Olympic gold medal team. The members of the Aquamaids (and there is one male in this group) train six hours a day, six days a week, in order to make their routines look easy and fun. When they're not training they're exercising and rehearsing - on dry land. Their families have sacrificed a lot to move to this place where their kids can get the best training in this sport.

The film ends with the U.S. Open, which is the end to the Synchronized swimming season. Here the Aquamaids compete against the U.S. team, the Canadian team, a fun team from Minnesota and others.

Throughout the hour viewers see the training the athletes undertake and are introduced to many of the swimmers who discuss their experiences in the sport and what they hope to accomplish.

This is an interesting look at a sport most people do not know much about. It will give viewers an appreciation of what these young athletes go through, and perhaps inspire some couch potatoes to dive in.

Synchronized Swimming: The Pursuit of Excellence airs July 11 at 8 PM ET.

The Pursuit of Excellence is a four-part series. Each film focuses on a different subject. Ferrets will air July 18, Hairworld will air July 27, and Lords of the Gourds will air sometime this fall.