Gold Circle's thriller The New Daughter and romcom Over Her Dead Body have been acquired by New Line. According to Variety, both projects are fully financed and waiting to go into production.

Paul Rudd, Eva Longoria Parker, Lake Bell, Stephen Root, Lindsay Sloane and Jason Biggs will star in Jeff Howell's directorial debut Over Her Dead Body. The story follows a female psychic whose fallen in love with a skeptic. She will battle his dead fiancee's ghost to win him forever. Gold Circle's Peter Safran and Paul Brooks will be producing by way of Safran Co. Scott Niemeyer and Norm Waitt will share executive producing duties.

Kevin Costner and Pan's Labyrinth's Ivana Banquero will star in The New Daughter. The film centers around Costner's single father who moves to a rural community to raise his two kids after surviving a bitter divorce. After his daughter starts displaying disturbing behavior, he finds a burial mound behind the house that might have something to do with it. Daughter is based on one of John Connolly's Nocturnes short stories.

Luiso Berdejo will direct the feature. Production should start early next year.