The Good

The Golden Girls is great TV that gets better with age.

The Bad

It’s the Fourth Season and this is the best they could do for extras?

The Golden Girls: The Complete Fourth Season continues the exploits of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia as four ladies who are living proof that age really is just a number. This season again sees our stars involved in romantic entanglements, personal problems and just about every other issue that people face as they enter their twilight years. While this show always looked at life in a tongue and cheek manner, it also dealt with the issues we all will eventually face one day. While it didn’t examine the lives of older women in the way that John Cassavetes Opening Night did, life isn’t all fun and games for these four ladies.


The Top Ten Guest Stars of Season 4

This is a small featurette that is basically not really a featurette at all. It features guests like Julio Iglesias, Bob Hope, Richard Mulligan and 7 others. There is no perspective given about their performance, you are just treated to the scene you have already watched if you have watched the shows where these characters make their appearances. Yes, Quentin Tarantino is technically on this season, but as an extra/background actor myself, I can honestly say that his connection to this show is tenuous at best.


Full Screen - 1.33:1. Like the other seasons of The Golden Girls that I have had the pleasure of reviewing, the warmth and early morning after breakfast feel is still prevalent in this Fourth Season. I just think that there is something about the writing, mixed with how this show is orchestrated on the screen, that makes for an engaging viewing experience. These characters come in and out of each scene with the same amount of gusto and zest each time out.


Dolby Digital Stereo Sound. Nothing that amazing has been done with the sound on these discs. Everything is as audible as it needs to be to get the point of the show across. Watching these discs, I didn’t notice any moments where the sound was overly low, or there were any kind of dropouts. In fact, it seems that extra special care was taken to make sure that the DVD transfer was as smooth as possible.


If you have a good thing why mess with it, right? The covers for all The Golden Girls season packaging is pretty similar, with the biggest change being the color employed to each cover. This box is peppermint green, with the 4 pictures of each Golden Girl giving off a four leaf clover vibe. The back has a picture from the show, a tiny description of what the episodes in this season contain and a “Bonus Features

The Golden Girls was released .