The Good

The Bad

The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season is a true TV on DVD gem. If you don’t like The Golden Girls, if you wonder why anybody would care about 4 older ladies who live together and have good times, then click your browser and navigate away from this page because this review is going to be nothing but a gushing account of my love for this show. When I was shown this three disk set to review, I snapped it up like a stray, ravenous dog eating a hamburger patty. I love this show. I love the look, the feel and I say with total honesty that it is a show like this that makes me look forward to my twilight years. To being “long in the tooth”.

Truth be told, I never really watched this show that much. I watched it, it just wasn’t on my regular rotation of TV shows. I just loved all the actresses and the characters they inhabited. Seeing Dorothy, Sophia, Rose and Blanche interact is just a a true treat. These characters are so easy to like, so fun and engaging that I could be watching them, and they would have to do would be to stay in their house(which it seems like was the majority of where they spent their time anyway) and I would love it. I would absolutely love it. Why does a show like this go off the air? It seems like these characters and situations they get in could remain timeless. As far as I remember this show had a very healthy run and it is easy to see why. The writing, the acting and the execution of the comedy seems effortless. It seems like these actors were made to play these characters. This show just seems perfect. Like a happy accident that just kept on happening.

What I really love about this show, what I really think this show did, was show the world how great getting older can be. How, sure, as we get older we change and our lives change but why is that a bad thing? It seems like there are many benefits to getting older, and this show did a terrific job of walking the tightrope between being serious and funny. It did this in such a deft manner, that anybody who thinks that The Golden Girls is just a comedy, or a “show about old ladies” is sorely mistaken. We needed and we still need a show like this. It seems like nowadays, the only “older people” we see on TV are played as eccentrics. They are made “weird” so that we don’t have to take them seriously. We won’t have to face what we might eventually become. I think this is wrong because there is such a grace in getting older. In aging, in letting the natural events of our life take their course. Okay, nobody really wants to get older it seems, but I think that the sooner we except that it does happen the sooner we realize the joy and fullness of our lives.

The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season is a fine example of aging gracefully. Of living with class at any age.


”Go For The Gold Trivia Challenge”

This game asks the question, “Are you as wise as Sophia or as Clueless as Rose?”. This is set up like an old game show and I have to admit that I didn’t like it. I feel that it looks down at the show and the characters in a very mean spirited way. The game itself shows a clip from the show, then it asks us a question about that clip and you have to use the controller to answer it. All in all this seems like it could be a fun game, once you get passed how it sort of picks on the show itself.


Full Screen (1.33:1). These shows have such a sense of time and place it is amazing. As a show from the mid 1980s, it’s funny that we don’t think of this show as an 80s show. At least I don’t. The look and feel of this show seems almost timeless. Maybe this is because it centers around older ladies and their styles of dress haven’t changed much over the years? Whatever the case may be, I watch this show and I get that warm feeling that I think TV on DVD was meant to give me. The DVD compression and transfer is so clear it is amazing. The shows look cleaned up but back when I was watching them, I never remembered them not looking good. These shows are from 1986 I believe, so this was some time ago that they were created, and they have really held up. I love the look of the sitcoms from this time. These shows are just pure acting, sort of like a play. They are light in tone, easily lit and very easy to digest.


Dolby Digital Mono Sound. Mono? At this late in the 1980s? Hey, they sound great, I have a crummy TV with one speaker and I heard everything perfectly. I turned the audio levels of my set up to the middle and that was all I needed. The brilliantly crafted dialogue was more then easy to hear. I just sat back and let these shows just pour over me. I took in the look, the sound and I realized that this show will play in any decade. In any time. It is so nice to see good TV. It is so refreshing to be able to see a show like this, hear the dialogue and compare it with some of the other shows on TV today. I don’t watch a lot of today’s programming, but I can say that this show follows in a rich tradition of the situation comedies that came before it. It seems like if a TV show takes the characters seriously, if it tries to really work out real life problems, it will end up ringing so true that one cannot help but laugh and enjoy the show. The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season has all this and more. It is so good it is almost addictive.


They give this packaging an almost sterile look. The four golden ladies adorn the front cover with a blue background and palm trees faintly in view behind it. The back features a large cup of coffee, some pictures for the show, a VERY brief description of the episodes and some technical specifications. This 3 disc set easily slides out with a listing of the shows on all 3 discs(sadly no descriptions of the episodes), and behind the discs are more pictures from the show. The packaging is great because it is so slim. It actually isn’t much bigger then a normal DVD cover and as a result would fit quite neatly into any DVD collection. A set like this doesn’t need any big bells and whistles. I think that the DVD’s creators know this, which is why they keep things simple and just let the content do the talking.

Final Word

Wow, was this a love letter to The Golden Girls or what? I love this show and I make no apologies for being biased. Even though it wasn’t a huge part of my TV lineup when I was a little boy, I knew that I loved watching it. I knew why I loved watching it. I knew that one day I was going to get older and that this is how I wanted my life to be. And in this regard, The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season, goes beyond the purpose that I think it was intended for. It lets us know that we can be totally comfortable in just being ourselves. To not be afraid or fear anything.

Sure, I may be reading more into this show then I probably should. I might have elevated this show a little higher then it needs to be, but again I make no apologies. The Golden Girls - The Complete Second Season speaks to me in a way that the wittiness, irony and “above it” attitudes of most of today’s TV doesn’t.

“Thank you for being a friend...”

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