The Good

I love this show and I think everyone else does too.

The Bad

Where was Bea Arthur during the interview featurette?

By now you are probably pretty familiar with my Golden Girls reviews. As someone who is a huge fan of TV on DVD, the 1980s, and older people in general, this show is a slam-dunk. What amazes me is that Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and Estelle Getty are not even going through the motions in The Golden Girls: The Complete Sixth Season. Whether Blanche is helping her daughter have a baby "Blanche Delivers," or Dorothy is rebuffing her old flame Stan's advances "Zborn Again," or Sophia is being accused of starting a fire at Shady Pines Retirement Home, "Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home Pts. 1 and 2," this show always found a way to deliver.

The Golden Girls was never afraid to show older women acting and not acting their age, which probably accounts for why it was so widely embraced by everyone.


The Museum of Television & Radio Interview

Sadly, Betty White and Rue McClanahan are the only "girls" who appear here to talk about the show. There are some other creative types, but truthfully, you watch these supplemental portions so that you can hear from the stars. Betty talks about finding her character and working with the writers, while Rue claims that she always knew this show was going to be a hit. In fact, it seems that initially the creators wanted each of them for the opposite role, and also, at first, Bea Arthur had no interest in doing The Golden Girls. Aside from missing a couple of people, this segment is filled with neat nuggets.


Full Screen - 1.33:1. I think what might be one of the most interesting things about this show is that it ran from 1985-1992, yet, the main characters really didn't look too much different throughout this show's run. Maybe the fact that it was centered around older women, the fashionistas of the day didn't feel the need to keep them hip? Or, perhaps it was more of statement because they didn't change? Whatever the case, this sixth season presents 26 episodes that look just fine.


Dolby Digital Stereo Sound. The audio for this three disc set was good but it isn't any better or worse than any of the other DVDs. Brimming with little more than the dialogue from this show and some light transition music, The Golden Girls: The Complete Sixth Season sounds fine, but it really isn't the kind of box set you buy for it's audio capabilities. This one of those known commodities that you own because of the comfort it gives you.


Once again, the four girls grace this front cover in what likes like a diamond layout. The color for this palm tree, semi-embossed slipcase is purple which makes me wonder what they will do for Season 7? The back offers up one shot from the show, a description of what The Golden Girls: The Complete Sixth Season is about, and some minor technical specs. All three discs unfold out in one purple piece of artwork, with more pictures from the show, and episode listing as well. For some reason, they didn't include a information on what these shows were about, but I guess Buena Vista figures if you're buying this set than you already know what you're getting.

Final Word

For some reason I had thought that this show ran for 11 seasons. To my surprise it only ran for 7. Perhaps this was just wishful thinking on my part, or maybe there were some spinoff shows that I don't know about? After looking at IMDB for a little bit, I sadly have to conclude that I was just dead wrong. Whatever the case, it feels sort of weird knowing that after the next release there will be no more The Golden Girls seasons to review. In fact, I even recall in 1992 my friend Chris Lohman asking me to tape the final episode for his mom. Sadly, I never did and this something I regret because now Chris claims that he never asked me to do it.

Well, it was really great getting back into the lives of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia and I have a feeling that The Golden Girls: The Complete Sixth Season is going to be yet another welcome TV on DVD release.

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