One of the most memorable moments of the Golden Globes telecast last night came when James Franco won Best Actor for his portrayal of The Room director Tommy Wiseau in the critically-acclaimed The Disaster Artist. The first thing he did on stage was thank Tommy Wiseau, inviting him to come up on stage, but after getting a hug from Franco, Wiseau tried to take the mic and deliver a statement. He was quickly blocked by Franco. After the awards ceremony last night, Tommy Wiseau revealed just what he would have said to the crowd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and the millions watching around the world.

"If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live. See The Room, have fun, and enjoy life. The American Dream is alive, and it's real."
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After turning Tommy Wiseau away from the mic, James Franco went on to read a text that director Tommy Wiseau sent to his best friend, Greg Sestero years ago, when he was stuck in traffic, due to the Golden Globes. James Franco read the text in his inimitable Tommy Wiseau voice, which read, "Golden Globes, so what, I'm not invited. I know they don't want me, guy with accent, long hair, so I show them. I don't wait for Hollywood, I make my own movie." That movie would ultimately be The Room, which James Franco recreated nearly 30 minutes of for The Disaster Artist. Here's what Tommy Wiseau had to say about James Franco's work as both a director and actor in The Disaster Artist.

"He did such a great job, talking as a director and an actor. I think he make a big effort, which sometimes from the outside is extremely difficult to understand that. He did good with accent. His brother Dave did good as well. They really studied character. But he doesn't know how to throw football, that's for sure!"

While promoting The Disaster Artist, cult legend Tommy Wiseau would often bemoan one particular scene in the film, the only thing he didn't approve of, a scene where James Franco's Tommy Wiseau was playing catch with Dave Franco's Greg Sestero, and Wiseau is seen throwing the football in a rather bizarre fashion. While Tommy Wiseau may not approve of that one scene, the success of The Disaster Artist helped get The Room its first wide release in 14 years, with a one-night only screening from Fathom Events, where it will play in over 600 theaters across the country.

The success of The Disaster Artist has even emboldened Tommy Wiseau to offer his acting services to Marvel, while stating in another interview that he would like to direct a Star Wars movie at some point. While it seems unlikely that Marvel and/or Disney will take the filmmaker/actor up on his offer, James Franco's big win will likely put him in position to land a coveted Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Tommy Wiseau. You can head to The Los Angeles Times for their Golden Globes coverage, and take a look at James Franco's acceptance speech below as well.