Seth Rogen is apologizing after a child actor's stand-in was spotted on the set of Good Boys in blackface with an afro wig. A stand-in for 11-year old actor Keith L. Williams was wearing brown makeup to darken his skin along with the aforementioned wig to closer resemble Williams on the set in Vancouver. A picture of the stand-in has since gone viral. The film is produced by Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and Rogen is apparently, "terribly sorry."

It has been reported that the stand-in actor's face was painted darker for lighting reasons, but Seth Rogen is still not happy about the situation at all. He says that he "engaging in conversations" to ensure that it stops in the industry. Rogen gives his word that it will never happen again on the set of one of his projects. He had this to say.

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"As soon as I was made aware of it, I ensured we put an end to it -- and I give my word that on any project my team and I are involved in, we will take every precaution to make sure something similar does not take place again... I'm engaging in conversations to make sure I find the best way to do that. It's on me to be proactive. Reacting isn't enough."

According to reports, the filmmakers say that the darkening of a stand-in's skin is a common practice in the entertainment business. It has also been reported that the sight was disturbing to at least one person on the set of Good Boys. While the darkening of the skin may be a common lighting practice, the filmmakers also insist that it was "not a blackface situation." It isn't clear why the production didn't just find a stand-in who looked more like Keith L. Williams in the first place.

Blackface was a form of theatrical makeup used by mainly white performers to represent a caricature of a black person, gaining popularity in the mid-1800s. The act further contributed to negative stereotypes and was finally seen as offensive during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Blackface was used in films, ballet, and in black minstrel shows where black performers would also perform in blackface.

Good Boys is a movie about a group of young kids who go an adventure in California to fix a broken toy before their parents get home from work. The film is said to be an "epic quest" and also stars Jacob Tremblay and is set to be released on August 16th, 2019. Hopefully by then, the blackface scandal will have dissipated. At the very least, the filmmakers have learned a pretty valuable lesson about darkening the skin of young actors and putting them in afro wigs for the sake of lighting. This report originated from TMZ.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick