The Red Band trailer for Good Boys is here and it's pretty intense for a story about three middle school-aged boys fighting for their right to party. Right from the start, Seth Rogen, who is a producer on the comedy, sits down to tell the young cast (Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon) that they can't watch the trailer for the movie in which they star. The boys are pretty surprised and don't understand how they can say bad language, but they can't watch themselves say the bad language on the big screen. While they can't legally watch it, most of us can and it's pretty hilarious.

Good Boys follows 12-year old Max (Jacob Tremblay) after he is invited to his first kissing party. Max is panicking because he doesn't know how to kiss or interact with the opposite sex. Eager for some pointers, Max and his best friends Thor (Brady Noon) and Lucas (Keith L. Williams) decide to use Max's dad's drone, which Max is forbidden to touch, to spy (they think) on a teenage couple making out next door. But when things go ridiculously wrong, the drone is destroyed. Desperate to replace it before Max's dad (Will Forte) gets home, the boys skip school and set off on an odyssey of epically bad decisions involving some accidentally stolen drugs, frat-house paintball, and running from both the cops and terrifying teenage girls (Molly Gordon and Midori Francis).

While the synopsis seems pretty tame, the Good Boys Red Band trailer is anything but. The boys learn who and what Molly is (the drug, not a person), find some of their parents weapons, which are actually bedroom toys, run across a freeway, and try to steal beer by smuggling it in their pants. That's just a few examples of what unfolds in the NSFW trailer with plenty of bad language peppered in for good measure.

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Good Boys looks like the male version of Hulu's hit Pen15 series, and it is sure to get some laughs when it premieres tonight, March 11th, at SXSW. The pre-teen comedy will then hit theaters on August 19th for everybody else. As far as what else is going down at the annual Austin, Texas event this year, Good Boys looks like it easily sets itself apart from just about anything else that is going on this week.

Good Boys is from Point Grey producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The writing duo are responsible for Superbad, Pineapple Express, and Sausage Party, which is a pretty good resume. James Weaver (Neighbors is also on board as a producer. The comedy is from Universal Pictures and Good Universe and is written by the team of Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (NBC's The Office). Eisenberg also produces and Stupnitsky directs. You can watch all of the NSFW action below, thanks to the Universal Pictures YouTube channel.

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