These days, Kenan Thompson is perhaps most well-known as one of the biggest stars from Saturday Night Live. He is the longest-tenured cast member in the entire show's history, having been performing regularly on the series since 2003. Regardless of his status on SNL, however, '90s kids still remember Thompson fondly from his Nickelodeon days as a child actor, stemming from his time on All That. Along with Kel Mitchell, his Kenan & Kel co-star, Thompson later starred in the 1997 movie spin-off of the sketch comedy series, Good Burger. The movie has since become a cult classic in its own right, and Thompson has recently revealed that he wants to make Good Burger 2 with Mitchell.

This week on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Thompson dropped by as a guest to speak about his career. The subject of Good Burger 2 came up when a fan called in, asking Thompson if the movie sequel would ever happen. While Thompson is happy on SNL, he admits there have been many talks about doing another Good Burger movie with Kel Mitchell. Apparently, he and Mitchell are both completely on board, and now it's up to the powers that be to give the potential sequel the green light that it needs to move forward.

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"We've been talking about it for a long time. We've had meetings about it, so it's in the higher powers' hands cause we've both said that we're down to do it."

The possible sequel wouldn't be the first time Thompson and Mitchell have reunited. In 2015, the pair both appeared together for a Good Burger sketch on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. Prior to this, it had been many years since the duo had spoken. Dan Schneider, who created All That, reached out to Thompson about doing the skit, and the SNL actor was happy to oblige. He then reconnected with Mitchell on the phone, and after catching up, the pair agreed to reunite for the Tonight Show segment. According to Thompson, the two picked up right where they left off, and have been in close contact ever since.

Now seems to be a great time to move forward with Good Burger 2. Nostalgia is hot right now in Hollywood, with direct sequels to older movies proving to be highly profitable. These days, it seems many fans would much rather take a new sequel to a classic movie over yet another remake. Given the positive response to Kenan and Kel reuniting on The Tonight Show, it's clear the pair are still loved by their fans. There are certainly many directions a new movie could take, but as long as people get to see Ed behind the counter once again to take the customers' orders, fans ought to be satisfied.

For now, Good Burger 2 has not entered production. Hopefully, with Thompson going public about his plans to make the movie, the project might begin to make some traction. If it does, then '90s kids everywhere are going to be very happy. You can watch Thompson explain Good Burger 2's status in the YouTube video below!