The burgermobile seen in the cult classic Nickelodeon movie Good Burger has been restored and now resides at Hi-Pointe Drive-In in St. Louis, Missouri. A 1975 AMC Pacer, the vehicle is memorable for its large arrows on the sides, the Good Burger sign on top, a shake on its back, its pickle wheels, crinkle fry bumper, and, of course, the large hamburger on the hood. Encouraging patrons to come visit the Good Burger car and snap a photo, the restaurant posted a video to Instagram unveiling the fully-restored burgermobile.

"It took a long time but our world famous burger [car] we bought from the 90's classic Good Burger is finally home," the caption reads. The post has since caught the attention of Kenan Thompson, who co-starred with Kel Mitchell in the movie.

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"Wowwww!!!! Awesome!!!!" Thompson commented.

Hi-Pointe Drive-In owner Mike Johnson purchased the burgermobile in April 2019. Although the car was in poor shape, couldn't run, and was listed with 999,999 miles, Johnson spent $10,000 to own the piece of movie history. He says he spent another $25,000 for the restoration, which includes buying another AMC Pacer for parts and hiring artist Joe Albanese for the exterior work. All in all, the process took about 20 months.

"I think it actually looks better than it did in the movie," Johnson said, adding that it was "more than worth it" and hopes the car will be available for photo-ops in the restaurant for years to come.

Good Burger began as a series of skits on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series All That. They'd typically feature Kel Mitchell as Ed, a clueless teenage cashier. Mitchell would reprise the role in 1997 for the movie adaptation with Kenan Thompson playing new employee Dexter Reed. In the movie, Ed and Dexter face losing their jobs when a new competitor opens a burger joint offering unnaturally large burgers across the street, threatening to put Good Burger out of business. Several celebrities also appear in special roles in the movie, such as Abe Vigoda, Sinbad, George Clinton, Carmen Electra, and Shaquille O'Neal.

In the years since its release, Good Burger has developed a cult following. Mitchell reunited with Thompson on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a new Good Burger sketch, and this sparked rumors that a sequel could get made. Mitchell and Thompson have both since said they'd be up for reprising their roles from the 1997 movie in a new sequel, but that the decision isn't up to them. If the fans want it and both of the original stars are on board, there's still hope that Good Burger 2 just might happen someday.

In any case, the original Good Burger will always be there. If you want to check out the Good Burger car for yourself, you can visit Hi-Pointe Drive-In at 1033 McCausland Avenue in St. Louis. You can find out more about the restaurant at the official website. This news comes to us from the St. Louis Post Dispatch.