Looks like 90s nostalgia has reached its crescendo in a cascade of unexpected laughs and tears! It's the reunion we've all been waiting twenty years to see! And it's one we weren't expecting. Yes, Kenan and Kel are officially back together, if only for a few minutes. And it's a glorious come back that celebrates one of the biggest cult hits of the late 90s, Good Burger.

Nickelodeon has been teasing a variety of ways they plan to cash in on 90s nostalgia over the past couple of weeks. They even announced The Splat, which offers children of the 90s all of their favorite Nicktoons in one convenient place. There has also been talk of completely reviving some of these animated shows, along with creating a live-action/animation hybrid movie. Even though the 90s ended just 15 short years ago, adults are ravenous for this stuff, and at the top of all fans wish list is seeing the cast of the live action comedy sketch show All That come together in some fashion.

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That happened last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon adores all things 90, and just behind his deep love for Saved by the Bell is a secret crush on All That and the one movie it spawned, Good Burger. He orcahsterated an all-new Good Burger sketch, which puts Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell back together for the first time in nearly a decade. And the results are as glorious as expected!

For those of you too young too remember, or too old to have caught the wave the first time around, Kel Mitchell starred in Good Burger as the goodnatured Ed, a dimwitted employee of the fast food restaurant who never gets fired despite his complete idiocy. He is equal parts Bill and Ted. With a little Jeff Spicoli thrown in for good measure. Kenan Thompson, who has since become one of the longest running Not Ready for Prime Time Players on Saturday Night Live, stars as Lester Oaks, a construction worker who would appear in a number of the Good Burger sketches on All That. In the movie, he actually played Ed's best friend Dexter Reed.

Good Burger originated on All That, which was basically a Saturday Night Live for kids. And the skit immediately became a very popular staple of the show, becoming the only segment to spinoff into a movie, which happened way back in 1997. The last time both actors were in the same place, at the same time publicly was in 2005 for the 10th anniversary special of All That in the show's 10th and final season.

All That is officially 20-years-old! Hopefully that doesn't make some of you feel too old! But watching Kenan and Kel finally reunite after all this time, you must realize that you're never too old to enjoy a Good Burger! Check out the sketch as it aired last night, along with a fun behind-the-scenes video that shows Kenan and Kel swapping their roles. Viva La 90s! (Don't worry, we're almost ready to celebrate the 2000s.)