After two international trailers, we finally have the first domestic trailer for Good Kill. The film reunites Gattaca and Lord of War director Andrew Niccol with actor Ethan Hawke for the story of a Las Vegas fighter-pilot turned drone-pilot who fights the Taliban via remote control for half of his day, then goes home to his wife (January Jones) and kids in the suburbs. But now, the pilot is starting to question his mission.

In the shadowy world of drone warfare, combat unfolds like a video game, only with real lives at stake. After six tours of duty, Air Force pilot Tom Egan now fights the Taliban from an air-conditioned bunker in the Nevada desert. But as he yearns to get back in the cockpit of a real plane and becomes increasingly troubled by the collateral damage he causes each time he pushes a button, Egan's nerves-and his relationship with his wife begin to unravel. 

The film, which co-stars Zoë Kravitz, Jake Abel, Bruce Greenwood and Stafford Douglas, will debut in U.K. theaters April 10 through Arrow Films. IFC Films is handling distribution in the U.S., giving the film a limited release in theaters on May 15. Take a look at the latest footage as it gives a new perspective to the war on terror.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange