The Goonies 2 has been a rumored sequel swimming around Hollywood for years. It's never gotten off the ground, though, and most assumed it was just a pipedream. Now, during an off-handed TMZ interview taking place in the street, original director Richard Donner confirms that the sequel is happening, and that the entire cast will return.

He makes the announcement after fielding questions about Hollywood's reliance on superhero movies. When asked if he'd return to the genre he helped create with 1978's Superman, he says, "If you call The Goonies a comic book."

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Here is the video:

Director Richard Donner makes this announcement in the street.

"We're doing a sequel."

When asked if any of the original cast is going to return, he says,

"Hopefully all of them."

A script for The Goonies 2 had been written some years ago, which follows a group of new kids, the sons and daughters of the original Goonies, who all go off on an adventure like the one seen in the original movie. Most of the cast, including Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, and Martha Plimpton have expressed an interest in returning in the past few years. For a while, Warner Bros. considered turning the title into a direct-to-video franchise, like they did with Corey Feldman's The Lost Boys.

In 2008, it was rumored that a new writer had boarded the project, but that was never confirmed by the studio. This is certainly an odd way to announce a sequel that many have waited years to see. It's possible that Richard Donner is simply keeping the hope alive, and the rumor mill running. What do you think of this latest announcement?