The Goonies have gotten the NECA treatment. The International Toy Fair is currently underway in New York City and Sloth and Chunk have arrived. NECA has unveiled their 8" Sloth figure and their 5" Chunk figure that come together as a 2-pack with some pretty great accessories. There have been a lot of super cool toy reveals over this past weekend, but this is hands down a contender for the best, even better than the Masters of the Universe movie throwback figures.

From the cult classic 1985 movie The Goonies, Chunk and Sloth have joined NECA's line of clothed action figures. Both figures are fully posable for maximum pirate-treasure-hunting action. Sloth stands approximately 8" tall, wearing his iconic Superman shirt and comes with a sword accessory and pirate hat. Chunk stands over 5" tall and comes with a pirate hat and replica David statue with minor damage that Mikey's mom will probably never notice. While these accessories are all well and good, it seems like a pretty big missed opportunity not having a Baby Ruth candy bar. Maybe they couldn't get the rights, but any silver wrapper with red, blue, and white lettering would have been fine.

The detail on The Goonies figures is pretty amazing, just like everything else that NECA puts out. Chunk and Sloth look remarkably similar to how they did back in the 1985 movie when they struck up their unlikely friendship. And they would look perfect on a shelf filled with other 80s memorabilia, or maybe even their own shelf dedicated to their friendship and living by the motto, "Goonies never say die!"

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Richard Donner had a hit on his hands when he released The Goonies in 1985. The movie received mixed reviews from critics, but it was able to earn $61.5 million globally, which was enough to be included in the top ten of highest grossing movies of the year. However, it was when the movie was released on home video the following year that the movie really took off, turning it into a cult classic. Since then, The Goonies have been a major force in pop culture and 1980s nostalgia.

The Goonies NECA toys do not have a current release date set, but it has been revealed that they will be out in quarter 3 of this year. Hopefully a concrete release date with be announced in the coming weeks along with pre-order information because these things are going to sell pretty quickly. It is also unclear if the Sloth and Chunk figures are limited edition. However, the press release does not say anything about limited quantities. At the same time, if you're a fan of The Goonies, you probably won't want to sleep on this one. You can check out images of the figures below, thanks to Toy Ark.

Goonies Toys Chunk and Sloth NECA #1
Goonies Toys Chunk and Sloth NECA #2
Goonies Toys Chunk and Sloth NECA #3
Goonies Toys Chunk and Sloth NECA #4
Goonies Toys Chunk and Sloth NECA #5
Goonies Toys Chunk and Sloth NECA #6
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